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Sighting Reports 2008

Woman Takes Photo of Large Bright Light on Cloudy Night

Photo and Enlargement of Bright Light.
Photo and Enlargement of Bright Light.

Date of Sighting: May 5, 2008
Time of Sighting: 8 PM MST
Date Sighting Reported: May 9, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Light Not Seen.
Location of Sighting: Tempe, Arizona (Suburb to Southeast of Phoenix)
Latitude: 33.42 Degrees North
Longitude: 111.94 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Light Not Seen. Later Discovered in Photo.
Weather: Fews Clouds at 10,000 Feet, Scattered Clouds at 14,000 Feet, and Broken (Mostly Cloudy) at 25,000 Feet. Visibility Was 10 Miles. Winds Were From the West at 17 MPH.
Astronomical: Moon Was Only 1% Illuminated and Set at About 8 PM MST. Sunset Was at 7:14 MST, Civil Twilight Was at 7:41 PM MST. Nautical Twilight Was at 8:13 PM MST.

Description: I was in Tempe, Arizona this week on a work conference with many other co-workers. On Monday (May 5th) all of us went out to celebrate and have a good time to a local restaurant. After dinner we all headed back to the hotel, but a group of us decided to go to a bar on the second floor of a building across the street from the hotel. I had been taking pictures of everyone the entire time so that we could publish them in our company newsletter and so that night I continued doing so. I also had never been to Arizona and wanted to take pictures of the town for my husband and son to see. Since I was on the top floor of the building and could see the town well from there I decided to take some of the city from up high. I took many of them that were not very good because it was too dark, but didn't really look at them that night. Yesterday on the way home on my long flight (5 hours) I decided to kill some of the time by looking at some of my shots and came across a picture I just cannot explain at all and which left me very confused. I almost deleted it because it was too dark and it really didn't show much. (The shot is one of the ones taken from the bar at night.) As I looked at the photo I tried to logically explain it to myself to no avail. The scariest thing is that as I zoomed into the object that caught my eye I could see that it was scaring me even more. I have never believed in UFOs though I respect the theory that something other than us could be out there. I am, however, at a loss with this picture. I know that the direction in which I took the shot was the direction of our hotel (Tempe Mission Palms) which, as I said before, was across the street. I also know that behind the hotel was a small hill, but nothing more. At first I thought, 'well maybe there was a church or a tower there I never saw before and it had a large clock,' but as I focused on the object I could clearly see it was not a clock and also there was no tower or church anywhere near the area. Also on the hill behind the hotel was what looked to be a radio tower with a parabolic antenna which could be clearly see in the day time, but it was much farther and in another direction from where the object appears in my picture. There is also no tall building in that direction. I am a well educated woman and always try to explain everything logically, but I can not do that this time. The picture along with all the ones from my trip are still on my camera and I do not plan to delete them. I have downloaded the photos to my computer as well in order to send to you. Please take a close look at it. Aside from the main object that caught my eye, there are two other lights near it which when you zoom into them, look similar to the larger object. I'm no expert, nor believer, but I am intrigued and hope you can help me and my family shed some light on this.

Comments: A Canon Power Shot SD600 Digital Camera (Maximum of 6 Megapixel Resolution) was used to take the photos. The light is not the moon nor any other celestial object. There is a possibility that the light could be a reflection of a ground light on the clouds which are evident in the photo. The lowest layer of clouds was at 10,000 feet. The reflection is not due to glare from glass because the witness took the photos outside. The witness sent several other photos taken in the same session. One of the photos shows another large light, but all of the other photos show no anomalies. Given this additional information suggests that the light could have been an aerial object, but there is no "strong evidence" to conclude this.