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Sighting Reports 2008

Low Slow Flying Object With 5 White Lights Seen in Night Sky

Drawing of Sighting by Witness.

Date of Sighting: February 25, 2008
Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM CST
Date Sighting Reported: February 26, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Probably Only a Few Seconds
Location of Sighting: West Frankfort, Illinois (S. Illinois About 80 MI SE of St. Louis)
Latitude: 37.9 Degrees North
Longitude: 88.93 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Visibility Was 3 Miles in Light Rainfall and Fog. Cloud Base Was at 5,000 Feet. Winds Were From the Northeast at 3 MPH.

Description: There were four white lights, arranged horizontally, side-by-side on the front of the vehicle. It flew at about the pace of a casual helicopter at a height of perhaps six to eight average telephone poles. (I can't be too exact, seeing that my depth perception isn't amazing.) It had one pulsing white light on the bottom, which could not be seen until it appeared to be about two blocks (maybe 300 feet) away. The shape was rather indistinct, but it appeared to have a fin or protrusion of some sort at perhaps a 60 degree angle from the base. It was flying almost due south. It made no noticeable noise over the sound of my vehicle (which isn't all that loud, and I have excellent hearing).

Comments: The witness's explanation and drawing portray that he saw something quite unusual. Given detail provided the object could not have been a helicopter or airplane. Perhaps he could have sighted some commercial lights reflecting off of the low overcast, but this is unlikely explanation.

Note: Another sighting occurred at Bourbonnais, Illinois at 9:15 PM February 25, 2008. Bourbonnais is approxmately 20 miles SSW of downtown Chicago. This sighting was found courtesy of Brian Vike at The witnesses were watching TV when the sky lit up with a bright light for about 30 seconds and then the light was gone. The witnesses heard a faint humming and then a little "sizzle" before the light was gone. Heavy snow was falling in the area at the time. It is not known if these two sightings are related.