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Sighting Reports 2008

Bright Light That Hovered & Moved in Circular Motion Seen in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: April 5, 2008
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM EDT
Date Sighting Reported: April 6, 2008
Duration of Sighting: About One Hour
Location of Sighting: Williamsburg, Ohio (About 20 MI East of Downtown Cincinnati)
Latitude: 39.06 Degrees North
Longitude: 84.03 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles. Winds Were Calm.

Description: I saw a bright bright light almost like a star. It changed colors between green and red. It hovered in the sky, went in circular motions, went up and down and back and forth. It was visible for about an hour. It slowly moved away from our sight. It was truly amazing. I feel so lucky.

Comments: Given the brief description provided by the witness it is difficult to say what was sighted. I have written to the witness to obtain more information. Any updates will be posted.