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Sighting Reports 2008

Youths See Slow Moving Disc in Daytime Sky. Photo Taken.

Photo of Object. The Presence of the Red Object is Even More Mysterious.
Photo of Object. The Presence of the Red Object is Even More Mysterious.

Date of Sighting: February 15, 2008
Time of Sighting: 3:17 PM EST
Date Sighting Reported: February 15, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Two Minutes
Location of Sighting: Wilmington, North Carolina (SE North Carolina Along Atlantic Coast)
Latitude: 34.13 Degrees North
Longitude: 77.86 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Seven
Weather: Photo Shows That Skies Were Clear.

Description: It was around 3:00 pm and my friends and I were skating at the Carolina Beach Skatepark. All of a sudden a slow moving disc showed up. It didn't make any noises, but we were trying to take pictures, but it disappeared from sight. I do not what the red is in the right hand part of the photo. The photo was taken with a 2006 Kodak camera (model not stated). The photo was not edited and is the photo generated by the camera. The object was moving towards the west before disappearing from sight. We then came to my apartment complex and tried to find someone to report it to. We went on the computer and found you guys.

Comments: The witness suggests that the object disappeared before a photo was taken, but perhaps he mistated that in his report. The object in the photo does appear of disc-like shape and flying at a steep angle (or roll). Given the low resolution of the photo it is difficult to state with absolute certainly that the object is a flying disc. However, given that seven witnesses "saw" a flying disk strongly suggests that is what is in photo. The identity of the red object in the photo is also a mystery. Perhaps it could be the edge of something in the background of the photo. (Roof, building, etc.) The normal file metadata (camera, model, date photo taken, etc) was not stored with the file. The witness stated repeatedly (in three email messages) that the photo was not edited by any software. I believe him!