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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Sees Ball Shaped Object With Strange Markings

Sketch of Object by Witness.
Sketch of Object by Witness.

Sketch of Markings on Object by Witness.
Sketch of Markings on Object by Witness.

Map Showing General Location of Sighting.

Date of Sighting: May 22, 2009
Time of Sighting: 5:37 PM Local Time
Location of Sighting: Berowra NSW, Australia (See Map)

Description: Hello, I am reporting this sighting from Sydney Australia,

Friday May 22, 2009

I was Driving North on Old Brooklyn Highway about 13 Kilometers North of Berowra NSW, to beat traffic build up on the main freeway, this is a somewhat secluded road used before the Freeway was built. It winds through the cliff tops of Northern Kuringai.

As I usually take this route when leaving work in Sydney at 4 PM I usually arrive passing through this area around dusk and look west at the beautiful scenery. On this occasion I was startled to see a strange occurrence. It was at least 7 to 8 Kilometers west over the distant valley from the road where I was at driving. Google Earth puts my exact location at 1228 Pacific Highway Just Past Mile Marker 83.

I saw in the distance 5 to 6 small bright white lights all in a circle rotating around another in the center of them, just as children would play ring around the Rosie, or reminiscent of a formation of wheel studs, all of them converging close to the center one and all moving out again, but they were continuously rotating all together like a dance. I know it seems stupid, but it was astounding,

I Stopped and watched them for at least 3 minutes. They faded in and out circling in a clockwise rotation around the one in the middle all keeping in formation, and did not stray or move much in distance at all.

Then they Moved in a very fast motion all together and disappeared behind a ridge.

I Started my car again and proceeded onward. I never saw them again all together, but about 10 minutes later as I actually crossed the Mooney Bridge, I saw only one of them a lot closer this time at least 300 Feet off the Mountain Scape and came from the left of the Bridge From Peats Bight and across the road and traveled Northeast over the bridge toward Cogra Bay.

This all happened In plain sight!!

The object was about 1300 feet off the ground. It was as big as a two story house and it looked like a giant creamy marble in perfect ball shape. It rotated slowly and I saw markings on the side that resembled a deck of cards symbol of the clubs and also a straight line vertical and an arch over this straight line like an un-joined arrow. The second sighting lasted for about 1 minute or so as it was out of sight by then and the mountain peaks of Cogra Bay obscured it.

I thought it seemed to do something to the water too, but I am not sure. It was very fleeting as I saw this as I turned away, but was if it flashed 5 light rays from underneath it at the water. I thought the water was being disturbed as it passed this light on the water's surface. I can't really be sure. I couldn't see anymore as it was becoming distant and obscured. I would like to hear from anyone else who may have witnessed this amazing sight on this night or may very well have a similarity on this occurrence or amazing sight!

Comments Received From a Reader of Report From Australia: Regarding the latest report posted on your website about the Australian sighting on the Central Coast at Gosford, I do not believe the person who submitted the sighting was being honest. The picture of the UFO was stolen from a documentry that was available roughly 10 years ago [possibly still is] called OZ files and the description he gives is only slightly altered from the original sighting. The original sighting was about the ball shaped UFO sucking up water from a lagoon in a residential area, and the interview of a policeman about how many people reported the sighting plus a story was also printed in the local Gosford newspaper. I believe the original sighting was genuine, and the one posted on your site whoever did it has a fanciful imagination. The picture attached is a video still from OZ files

Note: Given that the witness's report and illustrations are reasonably accurate makes this a most unusual (unidentified) sighting.

Update - May 29, 2009: Additional comments from a reader and the witness resulted in my learning that the photo above was not of the actual sighting and was taken from another sighting. However, this does not compromise the veracity of the sighting. The sketches were made by the witness. (See additional comments from witness below.)

Update - June 2, 2009 (Comments From Witness): Regarding the report on your page "Man Sees Ball 2009", may I make it very clear that the picture is the closest photo match on this description. It was not taken by myself at all as I made no claim to have done so. The photo was taken from the internet when I searched for a nearest image. However the sketches were from me as you can very well tell. I hope you adjust this vital point or remove the story.