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Sighting Reports 2009

Woman Sees Bright Flashing Light Right Above Tree line

Date of Sighting: June 9, 2009
Time of Sighting: 11:05 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Bellevue, Washington (Suburb to East of Seattle)

Description: I was walking upstairs with a cup of coffee to do late night work when I passed my window. I took a slow look at the stars with a deep sense of peace. I appreciate star gazing, but tonight there weren't many visible. (I live in a rainy and cloudy state and city.) What surprised me was a bright flickering light about 500 to 1000 feet away by the main road. My first thought was that it was a overpowered street light that was broken, but at closer observation I noticed it was higher than the trees in the area. (Believe me, evergreen trees can be very tall.) Then I noticed that it was way too bright, by far the brightest object in the sky. It had rapid strong flickering. It was so bright that you could not imagine, yet the area around was not affected by the light that much. It was switching from extremely bright and not so bright very fast and random. I was in shock and stood there in awe just gazing at it. Then all of a sudden it hit me I jolted several steps back and realized I was staring at a UFO for a very long time and was not too far from my camera, but my curiosity kept me still. Then it started moving. I instantly got exited and started thinking. IT IS A UFO, IT IS MOVING! WOW! WOW! I tried to focus in on it to get more detail, but it was too bright. The slow hover to the right was about a second or two when it stopped. I kept staring. Then all of a sudden it disappeared. In an instant. faster than a light switch. WAM! I was staring at empty space before I could realize it. I immediately felt very thirsty and drank basically all of my coffee in my extra large coffee cup. Then I recorded it in my journal and now I am sending it to you guys. I know that sightings in this area are rare as this is my first time I ever seen one personally. I am not a professional at this so I will describe the UFO like this: It had a circular core, but oval outside thing. It had all different variations of bright white light. I have no idea how to describe this. I am not very good at distance, but I would say that it was about 1000 feet from there. It appeared to be surprisingly slightly more vertical than oval. It moved about an inch to my right before disappearing. The bright rapid random flickering made it very confusing to judge the size.

Note: The witness has constructed an explicit account of her sighting. Her description qualifies this sighting as unusual and I have no explanation.