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Sighting Reports 2009

Strange Aerial Object Found in Background of Photo

Photo of Object and Enlargement.
Photo and Enlargement of Object.

Date of Sighting: April 15, 2009
Time of Sighting: Exact Time Unknown. (Witness Says Evening Hours in Her Report.)
Location of Sighting: Bethel, Ohio (Central Ohio About 20 Miles SW of Columbus)

Description: I am sending you more photos. I have attached more pictures with the UFO to the side of my garage, and some pictures of orbs or UFOs in my driveway looking to the western sky (in evening shots). There seems to be a hotbed of unidentified objects on my property. A few of these pictures have multi-objects in the sky as in fleet of UFOs or something?

Note: The above photo probably has a conventional explanation. The witness does not see the objects, but later finds them in photos. She has her photos developed and then has them scanned. The identity of the object marked and enlarged in the above photo (taken in the western sky) is not known, but it could be a bird or insect? The other photos mentioned by the witness are of poor quality and do not show anything unusual.

Additional Comment: UFOS Northwest posts some sightings that likely have explanations if more data were available. We attempt to show readers that a wide variety of reports with respect to quality are received. Of course some reports defy explanation.