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Sighting Reports 2009

Couple See Long Thin Object With Series of Lights in Sky

Date of Sighting: May 21 (Again on May 22, 2009)
Time of Sighting: 11:25 PM (On May 21) and 11:45 AM on May 23
Location of Sighting: Bradenton, Florida (Along W. Coast of Southern Florida)

Description: Our home, in Manatee County, Florida, is about 1 mile north-northwest of the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport (SRQ). Six blocks to the west is the approach to runway 34 at SRQ. Six blocks south-southwest of our home is the 700 foot mark, according to a commercial pilot friend. In 16 years at this address, only recently had we noticed meteors low in the southern sky. It was due to our fascination with these meteors that we spotted something different on Thursday night, the 21th of May, 2009. The meteors seemed to fall very steeply from east to west, with a yellow-orange glow. This object had a very white series of lights, giving the appearance of a long thin object. This object dropped rapidly from very high altitude, at about a 70 degree angle, from our south-southwest and slowed to turn horizontally, moving southeast just above our horizon. Then it increased speed rapidly down range until out of sight below the horizon. Then on Saturday morning, the 23rd, while I was finishing yard work, my wife was sweeping the driveway. As a commercial jet passed by on approach, she glanced over at it, and again in the same place, shining in the sunlight, was this long cylindrical object dropping altitude rapidly. It just behind the view of the jet. Without a sound it shot behind the jet and was then visible in front of the jet as it moved down range in the same direction and manner as the Thursday night sighting. It appears this object is dropping down to follow the coast line along Sarasota and Siesta Key, FL.

Note: It is not known if the two sightings are of the same object. The sighting on May 23rd is more compelling given that it occurred near a jet and in the daytime when visibility is better.