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Sighting Reports 2009

2 See Shiny Metallic Rectangular Object Hover Low in Pasture

Sketch of Object Hovering in Pasture Prepared by One of Witnesses.
Sketch of Object Hovering in Pasture Prepared by One of Witnesses.

Map Showing Approximate Location of Sighting.
Map Showing Approximate Location of Sighting.

Date of Sighting: July 12, 2009
Time of Sighting: Around 7:45 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: Near Burleson, Texas (See Map)

Description: The witness has had multiple UFO experiences, and apparently she has shared some of them with you.  I will focus here primarily on her most recent experience.  R. (name abbreviated to preserve confidentiality) keeps horses in the fenced pasture of a nearby ranch.  When she went to tend them in the morning, she noticed, about a hundred feet away, a rectangular, metal object that she described as roughly 4’ wide, 3’ tall and 3” deep.  The object was brown in color “like rusted metal.”  The pasture is surrounded by an 8 ft. tall fence, and the object was stationary and seemed to be hovering about half way between the ground and the top of the fence.  R. thought that it was strange because she didn’t know what the object was or where it came from, and also it didn’t seem to be supported.  R. said that only she keeps horses in this part of the pasture, and therefore she found it puzzling that some would leave something this large here.  She also found it odd that she did not walk over and get a closer look, since her natural tendency would have been to do so.  She reported that it was as if she couldn’t remember to do so when she was finished with her horses.

Later that afternoon around 2:30, she drove onto the ranch and ran into the Mexican-American ranch hand, G.   R. said that G. has worked on he ranch for 25 years, describing him as dependable and well grounded.  She got out of her car and they began to chat.  Apparently, G. pointed out that her horses were acting strangely, as if they were scared of something.  G. then went onto to say that while at the house, he observed the metal object in the pasture.  He said that it looked like a feeder, yet it was moving up and down and side to side, and it scared the horses.  He described it to her as shiny like aluminum, in contrast with the rusted brown color that R. observed.  According to R., G. was very upset by what he had seen.  Apparently he said, “I don’t think it’s from here” — meaning it was not from Earth.  R. wanted to return to the pasture to see if it was still there.  Yet, G. didn’t want her to go and urged her to be careful.  When she returned to the horse pasture after chatting with G., the object was gone.

Note: This report was prepared by investigator Bradford Evans.
R. came across as sincere and truthful.  Her most recent close encounter seems atypical of usual UFO reports.  R's account of her anomalous experiences reveal her to be someone of refined intuitive abilities (she is an artist, after all).  One cannot dismiss the impression that at least some of her experiences (e.g., orbs) are of a metaphysical or spiritual nature.  Yet, others in her vicinity apparently have witnessed some of these lights and objects too, which lends the experiences some objective validity.  It would be very helpful to interview G. to get confirmation of the most recent event and see what other details emerge.  R. offered to try to arrange this.  (One concern here is how well we will be able to communicate over the phone, since G.’s native language apparently is Spanish, and my Spanish is out of practice.)