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Sighting Reports 2009

Real Photos or Hoax? - 2 Photos Taken of Flying Saucer Objects

First Photo and Enlargement.
First Photo and Enlargement.

Second Photo and Enlargement.
Second Photo and Enlargement.

Burlington is in Northern Washington About 50 Miles North of Seattle.
Burlington is in Northern Washington About 50 Miles North of Seattle.

Date of Sighting: October 27, 2009
Time of Sighting: 11 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Burlington, Washington

Description: The witness only stated "right above me" in the report that accompanied the photos.

Note: I believe that both of these photos are hoaxes. The photos themselves are real, but the flying saucer object has been inserted into each photo. The rationale for this conclusion is that no metadata are associated with the photos. Almost all modern digital cameras write metadata to the photo file properties. When a photo is edited some of this metadata is removed. Some older cell phone cameras do not produce metadata. There is a chance that the photo could have been taken with an older cell phone, but the witness did not indicate that. Also the light reflection on the object is inconsistent with the rest of the photo. Skies were mostly cloudy and it is not likely that only a small portion of the disk would be reflecting light. Additional analysis has also revealed different pixel density in the object versus the remainder of the photo. I have written to the witness to obtain more detail. Given current information I believe these photos to be a fabrication. However, if more information is provided this conclusion could be modified. Updates will be posted.