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Sighting Reports 2009

Light Changes Red-Green-Red-Green & "Winks Out"

Annotated Map Sent by Witness Showing the Location of His Sighting and the Movement of the Object.
Annotated Map Sent by Witness Showing the Location of His Sighting
and the Movement of the Object.

Date of Sighting: November 2, 2009
Time of Sighting: 5:52 to 5:56 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Canyon Country, California (See Map)

Description: I was traveling south on Highway 14 at Canyon Country, California at 5:52 PM with my spouse. The weather was very clear, no clouds, with dark skies and a full moon. While driving southbound on Highway 14, I noticed a bright green light at about 150 feet above the ground. I initially thought that this light was atop a communication tower, but there was no tower visible. I asked my spouse to look at it, and she acknowledged the green light. I asked her to keep her eye on it as I continued to watch it as I drove south on Highway 14. The light (object) appeared to be moving/flying slowly in a northerly direction. As we watched, the green light turned to red, then back to green, then back to red, then back to green until it just "turned itself off." The frequency of green to red was about 30 seconds each. This was no standard aircraft. I exited the highway at the next exit to the south, the Via Princessa exit, and circled around to get a closer look at the area where this light was seen. I observed the light making slight maneuvers - similar to that of a radio- controlled model airplane might make. However, this light flew too slowly to be a radio-controlled airplane. I could not make-out any particular shape, although I could tell that the object was not sphere round. The green and red colors were equivalent to the green and red colors that our local LED traffic lights have. The light alternated green, red, green, red then green before it disappeared, or "winked-out." The light, when green and when red, appeared to have a luminous appearance much like a bright green or red light might look in the fog. There were no erratic movements, but the general direction of travel was north above the dry river bed of the Santa Clara River. The light the size of a dime held at arms length. See the attached JPEG file which indicates the area where the light was observed and the general direction of travel. This is the first thing of this nature that I have ever observed.

Additional Information Received From Witness: There were light aircraft in the vicinity, but they were at much higher elevations.  These lights were on solid not navigational beacons for port and starboard as on an aircraft.  In fact, the light appeared to me to be on top of whatever it was.  The light was not shining downward to the ground It was just a bright luminous thing slowly gliding around.  The red and green light were glowing from the exact same point with no separation of distance between them.  It was definitely not aircraft lights.  I was only 1/4 mile away from whatever it was, and certainly would have seen any aircraft that close.

Funny thing was that I could not see anything carrying the light.  It just glowed a bright green, then turned to red, then to green again...for a minute or two each color change.  Then, it just winked-out, never to be seen again by me.

Interesting that you have another report of a sighting over on Interstate-5 near Twenty-Nine Palms, CA.  That is a long way from where I was.

Note: The witness has presented a lengthy argument that the object was not a conventional aircraft. Perhaps he is right although aircraft have red lights on the left wing and green lights on the right wing. White lights are located below the fuselage and the landing gear.