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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Sees Large Circular Object Hovering Over Highway

Sketch of Object Hovering Over Highway.
Sketch of Object Hovering Over Highway.

Sketch of Closeup View of the Object.
Sketch of Closeup View of the Object.

Date of Sighting: February 10, 2009
Time of Sighting: 6:20 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Highway 16 Few Miles West of Charlotte, North Carolina

Description: I have not reported this sighting yet, mainly through fear of a government conspiracy. I saw a large circular object floating above highway 16 on the west side of Charlotte NC. This object was floating right above the trees and appeared to be between 100 and 150 feet in diameter. I was driving west (toward Huntersville) on highway 16 when I saw the object floating right above the trees. I first noticed the object bout 200 yards ahead of me and I could not see the entire circumference. When I approached the object I realized that it was hovering without suspension partially over the highway and the trees on my side of the road and I could see in clear detail four lights all on opposite sides in a sort of perfect x formation on the bottom of the object along with hollow hole in the center of the bottom of the saucer. The method of flight of the object seemed to be something completely out of this world, yet since I was on the ground and could not clearly see the top of the object I could not tell if it had any sort of propeller keeping it adrift in mid-air, yet from every angle that I had a visual I did not see anything that would explain it's method of flight. The object was simply floating a few feet above the trees on the right of the road interested me most. When I passed under the object for a brief moment I remember passing almost directly under one of the light fixtures which I remember seeing with clear detail. It seemed to emit an intense cone of light similar to those that illuminate night construction on highways, if not brighter. The light seemed to be held onto the object on two sides by small V like metal structures, and the light itself could not have been larger than one of our manufactured 100 watt generic bulbs, yet it burned with great intensity. The center hole of the object was most peculiar because it seemed to ascend into the object into a total blackness which my eyes could not penetrate. The hole from what I could tell probably took up about 10-20% of the base surface area and was in the exact center of the object. The detail of the outer hull of the object seemed to be some kind of metallic material with texture. It definitely was not completely smooth yet it was flat on the bottom except for the lights and the hole in the middle. When I passed under the object I remember complete fear for my life and curiosity in the object. I must have been going close to 100 mph when I was passing under it to get out of its way and the only thought of stopping for a picture was thwarted with my fears of abduction. I still to this day pass by the very curve on highway 16 and remember the sighting every time I drive that route.

Note: The witness has described in much detail a very unusual sighting. If his observations are accurate this object has many of the characteristics of a classic "flying saucer" sighting.

Update -October 2, 2009: Through the help of a friend who is an artist the witness sent two sketches of his sighting. Certainly these sketches are worth "thousands of words." I don't think that these are sketches of any conventional or "manmade" object.