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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Sees Yellow-Round Object Move & Hover

Date of Sighting: March 7, 2009
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Chester, Connecticut

Description: I was parked in my driveway sitting inside my vehicle when I witnessed what I thought was an aircraft coming towards me in the distance. There was no other visible activity in the sky at the time so I had a natural inclination to want to follow the object's path as it slowly came towards me. I couldn't help but notice how large {roundish} and bright {yellowish} the object was so I continued to watch it figuring eventually it would pass over my vehicle. I must say that at the time I was still not thinking that this was anything more than a large aircraft. Suddenly the object just stopped and sat in one position. I sat and watched for several minutes before exiting my vehicle going into the house to tell my wife about the happenings. I also knocked on my landlord's door so she could come out and have a look. We all agreed that this object was extremely large, bright and stationary {at least four times if not more as large and bright as the largest star in the sky}. I also was able to get a good idea as to the size of the object when what appeared to be a small airplane flew by it { I'm sure that who was ever piloting that small aircraft had a much better look at it then I }. I went back inside the house for a minute or so to look for a pair of binoculars which I never did find and when I went back outside It looked as though the object was now starting to move slowly away in a northwesterly direction. I continued watching the object as it slowly began to fade into the distance. I just find it extremely odd that an object could or would sit stationary in the sky for such a length of time. {I want to say for close to thirty minutes.} I do have an interest in such phenomena, but honestly must say that I wasn't looking for anything in the sky and certainly didn't expect it. I live in Chester, Connecticut in southern Middlesex County.

Report From Another Witness (Landlord): As he described, my tenant knocked on my door to ask me to come out and look at this object. The sky was somewhat cloudy and the stars were there, but tough to make out. This object, however, was so bright it almost hurt my eyes. It was fairly low on the western horizon and it was shimmering with a sort of golden light. I wondered if it was Venus, but when I researched it I found that planets do not shimmer. A while later I went out to look again. The object had dimmed substantially and was now lower in the sky. This is the first time I have ever seen anything quite like this! I wish we had a telescope or binoculars. Last night, March 8th, we went out to see if it was still there. A star would not have moved, but apparently this thing did as it wasn't there!

Note: I don't know what the witnesses saw. The light (object) apparently moved, stopped, hovered, and then moved again. I suppose it could have been a helicopter, but the witnesses did not hear anything which makes this explanation doubtful.