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Sighting Reports 2009

5 Red Lights in Diagonal Formation Seen in Night Sky

Clearwater is in Western Florida a Few Miles From Tampa.
Clearwater is in Western Florida a Few Miles From Tampa.

Date of Sighting: November 15, 2009
Time of Sighting: 2 AM EST
Location of Sighting: Clearwater, Florida (See Map)

Description: At approximately 2 AM this morning I was driving south on Keene Road SR-1 of Pinellas County when a white truck that I was behind for a few miles slowly came to a near stop in the middle of the road. I moved and veered around them and continued when I noticed 5 red lights to my left which would be east of my location. I then realized the person in the white truck was pulling over and getting out staring at what I was also staring at. The five lights where lined unevenly in a diagonal line moving north. I observed that formation for about 2 minutes and started describing what I was seeing to a friend on the phone. Yes, I was still driving. The lights on the exterior of the formation began swelling with light and disappeared until only the middle red light was visible. It then slowly shrank as it exited the atmosphere. This was my first sighting ever. I witnessed the formation from Gulf To Bay Blvd. to Rosary as I was driving down Starkey road. I noticed an increase of police on Starkey Road speeding in opposite directions with their emergency lights on. This was directly after the formation was no longer visible. I am not sure if that was related, but it had me very alarmed

Note: I can't explain this sighting. Five red lights in diagonal formation doesn't fit any conventional aircraft and was not likely due to any military activity.