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Sighting Reports 2009

Woman Sees Red Light From Which Other Lights Projected

Sketch of Light on Photo of Area.
Sketch of Light on Photo of Area.

Daytime Photo of Ridge Over Which the Light Appeared.
Daytime Photo of Ridge Over Which the Light Appeared.
(X Indicates Position of Object.)

Sighting Was on the East Slope of the Cascade Mountain Range.
Sighting Was on the East Slope of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Date of Sighting: October 9, 2009
Time of Sighting: Between 8 and 9:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Near Cle Elum, Washington (See Map)

Description: This happened last Friday night October 9 between 8 PM until I gave up around 9:30 PM. (The hilltop is about 3 miles from me.) I took the dog out and glanced up towards the ridge north of us and saw the brightest orange red sparkly light above it. First I thought it was a star and maybe the atmosphere is strange and distorting it. I thought perhaps a plane? Could it be something on fire? No, I thought and waited because a star will appear to rise fairly quickly, but it stayed stationary. I thought these things can be gone in a flash, but I need my binoculars. I went inside and got them and watched. First I saw a light like a searchlight shined down from it. I could see the tops of all the trees so I know it was right over the top of the ridge not behind it. Then about 10 minutes later big blobs of lights shot out the side of it. I waited and decided to go sit on the lawn chair on the back deck. I waited and watched. Just as I was giving up 2 gigantic headlights ringed in dark green turned on sort of on the left side of it. They weren't pointed directly at me. Then I waited some more and I was getting cold. So I went inside and somehow forgot about it. In fact I didn't deal with it until Sunday. After thinking about it and telling some people to find out if anyone else saw it I had to draw it in Paint shop Pro. Now we do have a digital camera, but my daughter had it with her. So I still like for people to see what I saw in case they have seen something similar. And by the way I am very rural. Nothing is to the North of me, but hills leading to forests with nothing for about 30 miles. I used to live in Cle Elum and was very close to the hills leading to the forest, but I am 2 miles from the foothills here.

Additional Information Supplied by Witness: Here is a daytime shot of the ridge. (See second graphic from top of page.) The "X" marks the spot where I saw the UFO. Maybe that will put this in some perspective and, if you have a map or want to goggle it we are about 25 miles a bit Southeast from Cle Elum. I was facing the North. It's a clear view from my back yard. I can see miles of this ridge leading to the forest that goes all the way to Wenatchee. The light stayed exactly where it was all the time I was aware of it. It's very hard to duplicate how bright red orange and sparkly this UFO was. Mars and Betelgeuse are pale in comparison, but nothing can compare with the beauty of the natural night sky.

Note: I don't have an explanation for this sighting. The extended stationary position suggests that it may have been a celestial object and could have been distorted by the atmosphere. (The witness mentioned this possibility. However, the projection of other light from the red light would rule out a celestial object.