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Sighting Reports 2009

Several See Multicolored Flashing Lights in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: October 22, 2009
Time of Sighting: Midnight to 3:30 AM
Location of Sighting: Deep Gap, North Carolina (Northwestern North Carolina)

Description: My friends and I were out for the meteor shower. We waited until after midnight and went out on the front porch. We were told to look toward Orion. The moon was a sliver of a crescent and there was not a cloud in the sky. Deep Gap is nice and far from city lights. We saw a few meteors, then my friend points out a satellite. As soon as I see it drifting across Orion, it comes to a stop at the feet of the constellation. I immediately tell my friend this is not a satellite. We discuss what it could be, when the thing starts to move again. It drifted and dropped, flew in tight little circles and generally danced around like a bumble bee. At one point it made it's way to Orion's right shoulder point and sat there. We were afraid we had lost it, until it started to move up and down, over and over again: waving Orion's arm at us. It was probably at about 15,000 feet. I could make out it's round shape and the reflection of some light gave away the dome on top of it. It flashed blue, white, green, yellow, red and spun around in circles a lot. By the end of the night I had seen four others. I will never doubt what I saw that night.

Additional Information Sent by One of Witnesses: It spent most of it's time at the base of Orion, directly parallel to the center star of he belt a little past and between his "feet". It also varied in elevation, at first being at a distance, by 1:40 AM being the closest and most distinguishable, and by 3:30 AM it was much farther away. At that time it was just a tiny bright white dot in the sky. The other objects I saw were also around the constellation, but remained around the same elevation as long as I was watching. I'm curious to see if there were any weather balloons in the area, or military operations going on? Where should I go for information like that?

More Comments by Witness in Response to the Note Below: I was curious about the weather balloons for my friends who prompted me to ask. You have a right to your own professional opinion, but I'm sure of what I saw. This was more than just staring at a star so long it becomes a squiggly optical illusion. It MOVED, all over the area of the constellation, and I can not stress the bizarre nature of these movements enough (like a bumble bee). It had shape, lights, and a perceptibly distinct haze or aura, and twinkle that the stars did not.

This question is for me: did you have any other sightings or reports for the night of the 21st or early morning of the 22nd in that area of the sky?

Thank you again for being interested.

I have several witnesses who saw what I saw, but their general reaction was: "Ya its a UFO, so what? I'm going inside."

Note: The witness described in detail a sighting that lasted 3 and 1/2 hours in one area of the sky. I can't say for sure what was observed, but it was probably something "celestial" given that in stayed by the same constellation for that long. Staring at stars or planets in the sky can produce apparent movement which is an optical illusion by an effect call autokinesis.

Update - October 27, 2009: The conclusion in this report above is speculative. Obviously I was not at the location where the witnesses saw the lights. Users are urged to formulate there own conclusions based on the information provided.