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Sighting Reports 2009

Aerial Light Chases Woman on Highway

Illustration of Encounter Prepared by Witness.
Illustration of Encounter Prepared by Witness.


Sighting Location Was in Western Washington About 65 Miles Southwest of Seattle.
Sighting Location Was in Western Washington About 65 Miles Southwest of Seattle.

Date of Sighting: May 20, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10:53 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Between Elma and Montesano, Washington (See Map)

Description: I was on my way home from Montesano to Elma. No other vehicles were on the old highway at that time. I noticed a very bright light coming up behind me, fast. My first thoughts were, it's a car with only one headlight, a motorcycle, or a train. The light was almost blinding me, because I have sensitive eyesight. When I reached up to flip my rearview mirror so I wasn't blinded , "it" was gone-that quick! I was scared, but my mind tried to rationalize it away. As I passed through Satsop, I glanced up and saw three objects. They looked like they were flying in formation. I really didn't think anything about it until I pulled into my driveway. I saw what looked like Orion's belt, but it was moving, sort of like when you pull on a purse string. The other "stars" remained somewhat in place, but the biggest, brightest "star" was slowly moving over head. I ran inside and told my husband to hurry and come outside. He watched the object, until it suddenly "disappeared" overhead. The ironic thing about this is, my husband saw a UFO when he was about eight. He has a room full of UFO books, posters, models, etc. Our license says-ICA UFO. He was the only one I could tell this to, without being laughed at or dismissed as a wacko. I know what I saw, and I'm glad my husband saw it too. My husband has had other people tell him about "sightings" around Brady and Satsop, after seeing his license plate. I don't know what I saw, or why I saw it, but I did! (For reference-my trip took approximately 23 minutes. to get home. It usually takes 12 to 14 minutes on the same road.)

Note: The witness clearly was affected by something unusual. However, the lights in formation near Satsop and the subsequent sighting of the "Orion-Belt" may not be related to her sighting on the highway. The witness and her husband have an interest in the UFO phenomenon. This does not mean that the sighting was not valid only that some bias could be involved. The sighting of the lights near Satsop could be due to the lighting configuration on the defunct Nuclear Plant Cooling Towers. (I drive this same road and the lights can look unusual at night.) However, the witness should be familiar with these lights because she regularly drives on this road.

Update - May 27, 2009: The witness sent a written report with an illustration of her encounter on the highway and later sighting with her husband. The graphic above contains part of the illustration. Click here to read full hand written report (PDF).