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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Sees Bright Light. Flashes Mag Light & Object Disappears

Date of Sighting: July 24, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10:11 to 10:15 EDT
Location of Sighting: Galloway, Ohio (Central Ohio Near Columbus)

Description: Listen to Witness Interview (MP3)
The witness called and reported his sighting about 2 hours after it occurred. He stated that he was walking his dog and noticed a bright light in the west-northwest moving towards the east-southeast. He said that the light was flying low. The sky was clear with stars visible. He said that he flashed his "mag" light at the light (7 to 8 times) and the light immediately moved upward, dimmed and disappeared.

Note: This account sounds like the witness had an interaction with an intelligent controlled craft. However, a check of satellite schedules show that the International Space Station (ISS) was visible "exactly at the time that the witness saw the light and in "exactly" the same direction where the witness the saw the light. Also the direction of movement of the ISS was as described by the witness. The witness would have had to seen the ISS. The ISS was very bright with a magnitude of -3.1. The apparent movement of the object in response to the witness's signal is not known. Perhaps the ISS was obscured by a cloud?