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Sighting Reports 2009

Streaking Turquoise Mass Descends in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: October 25, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10 PM ADT
Location of Sighting: Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (East Coast of Nova Scotia)

Description: This was a streak of light culminating in a turquoise mass. The size of the end of the streak was approximately the size of football, not that shape though. It seemed very, very close, but was heading away to the right of me and falling. It was coming from the Southeast heading towards the Earth. It looked like it was going to fall into someone's back yard, but it burned up before it could.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Thank you William. I have since found out there were other sightings and that it was part of the Orionid meteor shower. I have since learned it was part of Haley's comet. I also read that it was an illusion that this meteor was so close. It was if it was just 20 feet above my head, sped to Earth on a downward thrust and into a back yard somewhere on my street.

Note: The additional information above explains this sighting.