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Sighting Reports 2009

3 Unknown Aerial Lights Sighted. One Looked to be Flying Triangle

Date of Sighting: November 11, 2009
Time of Sighting: 5:25 PM CST
Location of Sighting: Granite City, Illinois (E of Mississippi River About 5 MI NE of St. Louis, MO)

Description: I was driving north on Route 3 in the Venice and Tri-City area when I thought I saw three stars at first which were twinkling brightly and appeared to be almost uniformly apart. So I kept watching and got closer to them and they appeared to be more uniformly apart. I was fascinated so I kept watching and got closer. The closest one I could see fairly clearly was triangular in shape and had blinking red and white lights around it. At first the UFOs appeared to be stationary like twinkling stars, but then moved westward toward Missouri at a very slow pace. I was in heavy traffic and was trying to watch the road in front of me, but I slowed down. It was a busy time and a lot of working people were trying to get home, so they whizzed by me. I'm not sure of the UFO's altitude, but I am just estimating probably at 1,000 feet. I saw the first one cross Route 3 heading east as I went underneath. Giving you more of a description the one that I could see close enough was very similar to the UFO described on the TV program regarding the Illinois UFO sighting near Shiloh and Lebanon, Illinois. Thank you for your time.

Additional Information Sent by Witness (in Response to Questions): I think I may have made an error on the report when I may have said they were traveling in an easterly direction. They were moving westward (moving towards the Mississippi River into Missouri). I saw one side of the "aircraft" which had pulsating red and white lights (I don't know how many) on one end. I broke my regular glasses and other ones I have are several years old now. The lead ship was above my car crossing the highway at a low rate of speed as I approached the top of a hill at about one o'clock I slowed down to look above me. The ship was black and resembled a triangular box. I focused on the one "aircraft" due to my eyesight being strained. I went to a website that showed pictures of different types of aircraft and could not find anything that resembled this. Some years ago in the late 1980's and throughout the 90's my significant other (he passed away) was interested in aircraft. We would always go out to the airports for the air shows or just watch planes take off and land. We would both note what type of aircraft were flying: military, historical, new, etc.

Note: Many sightings continue to be reported of flying triangular objects or lights flying (or hovering) in a triangular formation. Most of these reports are unidentified, but some perhaps could be identified if more data were available. Over 90% of the triangles are reported at night.