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Sighting Reports 2009

Spherical Objects Photographed Near Helicopter

First Photo of Globes and Helicopter.
First Photo of Globes and Helicopter.

Photo of Helicopter and Enlargement of Spherical Object.
Photo of Helicopter and Enlargement of Spherical Object.

Location of Marine Base at Hiroshima, Japan.
Location of Marine Base at Hiroshima, Japan.

Date of Sighting: January 17, 2009
Time of Sighting: Near 4 PM Local Time
Location of Sighting: Iwakuni Marine Base (Hiroshima, Japan)

Description: Title of sighting: MH-53E and globe. TT (49 years old) who lives in Shimane Prefecture is a civilian who enjoys photography as a hobby. He went to take pictures fighter jets at Hiroshima Prefecture Iwakuni Base on January 17, 2008. The globe was seen to be floating in the air at 4:00PM when standing by to take pictures. He took a picture of the globe. Next, the globe has approached the helicopter when the helicopter takes off. Mr. T. took a picture at this moment. However, the globe disappeared immediately after the last photo was taken. TT took photos for about three minutes (From 4:01 to 4:04 PM). The globe appears between those and it approached the helicopter. Mr. T. identified the model of the helicopter as a MH-53E Sea Dragon. He says that the helicopter was about 30 meters in length including the total length of MH53E's rotor. The body part is 22 meters. The globe approached the helicopter as soon as the helicopter had flown. However, the crew did not notice the globe at all. The globe was floating first at about three kilometers from the base on the other side. When the globes rapidly approached the helicopter, it looked small with the unassisted eye and it then abruptly disappeared.

Note: I have had prior contact with the person who reported the sighting and consider him to be very reliable. (The sighting was reported second hand and not from the original witness.) The email has been transcribed from Japanese through the use of software program. Therefore some of the details may not be properly interpreted. Further contact with Mr. A who reported the sighting is planned. The second photo above agrees with the report. The first photo above is somewhat unclear, but it appears to show the helicopter, the globe (sphere), and another group of unknown objects. Apparently the helicopter crew did not see the globe. (It is not known if the witness spoke to the crew or how he obtained this information.) Spheres similar to the above photos have been reported in the vicinity of aircraft frequently in the past few years. Given that they approach aircraft (as in this case) and appear under intelligent control they constitute a threat to aviation safety.