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Sighting Reports 2009

2 See Large "Silent" Triangular Object in Night Sky

Sketch and Explanation Prepared by Witness.
Sketch and Explanation Prepared by Witness.

Actual Photo of Bridge Where Object Was Sighted.
Actual Photo of Bridge Where Object Was Sighted.

Date of Sighting: February 2, 2009
Time of Sighting: 7:35 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Hoquiam, Washington (Near Coast of Western Washington)

Description: I was driving into west Hoquiam and as I approached the river I saw a cluster of lights (red and white, flashing) directly above the east bound bridge on the other side of the river. My first thought was that there must have been lights attached to antennas above the new bridge station because it was very low and hovering above the bridge. As my road turned, I could see that this was now slowly moving closer (northeasterly) and was in fact a narrow triangular shaped object. At one point I could see underneath the object clearly and it appeared to be very large, gray or silver with a completely flat bottom and had a series of two lights at each point of the triangle, flashing red, white and now I could see blue as well. It also seemed to be very quiet as I am used to planes and helicopters in our area, but this did not make the noise like they do at this low of an altitude. (This object was only between 7-10 stories up and I could not hear any sound from it.) I was not in an area to pull over and my destination was less than a mile away. I could still see it slowly moving east-northeast above the hills. Upon reaching my destination I could still see the flashing lights very small in the distance directly eastward, but no longer moving. At this time I told another of what I saw and we watched for another few minutes with binoculars as this flashing never moved. The lights were still flashing over the hill when I left at 7:35 PM.

Note: The witness has provided a well written concise report. A good argument was provided that the object was not a conventional aircraft. The drawing provided by the witness speaks volumes about the sighting.