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Sighting Reports 2009

Family See Unusual Multicolored Airborne Lights. Photo Taken.

Photo of Airborne Multicolored Lights Taken by Witness's Daughter.
Photo of Airborne Multicolored Lights Taken by Witness's Daughter.

Kissimmee is in Central Florida.
Kissimmee is in Central Florida.

Date of Sighting: July 3, 2009
Time of Sighting: 9 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Kissimmee, Florida (See Map)

Description: Yes the correct date of the photo is 3/July/2009 at 09:00 PM. The camera model is a BenQ DC C530. The camera has a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels. That night my family and I rented an automobile in Kissimmee, Florida. We were talking about the holidays and on the freeway we saw an object about 20 meters in height with multicolored lights that was moving. My daughter took the photo. I did not stop because is my first time driving in the United states and I was afraid to stop on the high speed highway.

Note: Some corrections have been to the witness's English. Not much is known about the photo other than the fact that the witness thought that the lights were unusual and he thought that the object was flying low. Analysis has indicated that the photo has been edited. However, there is no evidence that the photo was hoaxed.

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