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Sighting Reports 2009

Triangular Shaped Object With 3 White Lights Seen in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: July 16, 2009
Time of Sighting: Few Minutes Before Midnight
Location of Sighting: Land O Lakes, Florida (W Florida About 20 Miles N of Tampa)

Description: I saw a triangular shaped object. It had three white lights at each point with a dim light in the center. It also had a blue light towards one of the angles, but I ma not sure if it was blinking or phasing in and out because of movement. The object moved like a kite, but varies in speed. It also rotated. I tried to take a picture, but my digital camera cannot zoom out that far. I tried recording with my camcorder, but it is a poor image.

Note: Another triangular shaped object is sighted at night. These type of sightings are very numerous.