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Sighting Reports 2009

Two Terrified By "Near Collision" With Aerial Object While Driving

Location of Witness Sighting and Lemoore Naval Station.
Location of Witness Sighting and Lemoore Naval Station.

Date of Sighting: May 14, 2009
Time of Sighting: 2 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: About 10 Miles West of Lemoore, CA Naval Station (Near Fresno - See Map)

Description: My boyfriend and I were driving east on Highway 198 towards Lemoore Naval Air Base. About 10 miles west of the base we saw what might have been a large plane flying across 198 north to south about 10 feet from the ground. It would fly across the road go about 100 feet into the empty field turn around on a dime and head back on the same path it just took. There was only one other car going west bound. We could see what we thought was a helicopter or an airplane fly up and over the passing car. There were about 6 round very bright lights. We were about a 1/4 of a mile away from the passing car when the object flew up and over the car. The lights were so bright that it lit the passing car up. We could make out the color and even the make of the passing car. That car just kept rolling westbound past us. As we approached the same spot the other car the object had just flew back over 198 on the northbound side. It went about 100 feet into the field only 10 feet from the ground when we saw it turn and come back towards the road over to the southbound side of 198. As we approached the spot the aircraft was already turned around and headed right for us level with our Ford Ranger. As we were driving it seemed to gain speed as we were in panic because it was coming right for us. Looking at it straight on it could of been a helicopter, but when we were in it's path looking at it coming straight for us from the side it was something we never could imagine. This thing was humongous! As it was coming at us I saw 6 bright lights running across the front of it. I screamed and said: it is coming right for us and its going to crash into us. I was going 55 miles a hour and I was so scared. I punched the gas to the floor to try and get out of it's way, but it was no use as the object stayed even with my window. I thought we were dead. Just as the aircraft reached my window my boyfriend and I ducked in our car thinking it was going to hit us. As it reached us I looked up at it and the lights were so bright that I could see the outline of a what looked to be a very very large wing. It was as wide as two tractor trailers. It was silver and it was very very thin. It reached us and at the last minute it went up and over us. It then continued on over to the southbound side of 198 going about 100 feet into the field moving rather quickly and hovering only 10 feet from the ground. That thing was so close to us if I stuck my arm out the window as it was going over I would of been able to touch those bright lights it had running all the way across it. I know for a fact we do not have any aircraft on this earth that size that can fly that close to the ground, that was that quick and that can turn on a dime like this did. Also as that huge object flew over us there was no sound whatsoever. If it was one of ours it would of been so loud from the engine. There also should of been a gust of wind that would of blew me around, but there wasn't.

Note: Obviously this craft was no airplane or helicopter. One could say that unidentified objects are a traffic safety hazard. I wouldn't want to encounter anything that would force me to duck while driving a vehicle. Good thing that it happened at a time and location with light traffic.

Report From Investigator Who Interviewed Witness Over the Phone:

Introduction:  I spoke with witness, B. (name deleted to protect witness anonymity) on June 5, 2009, for about 45 minutes.  B. was cooperative and eager to tell her story.  She came across as a bright, working class woman.  She used to work as a truck driver.  While her account was grounded in specific events, it was difficult, at times, to get her to give me some finer details.

Witness Account:  B. and her boyfriend were driving shortly before 2 AM on CA Hwy 198, heading east in order to visit a casino.  The weather that night was clear and windy.  In the distance, they saw an aircraft flying back and forth North-South across the highway and close to the ground.  The aircraft seemed to “turn on a dime.”  At first they thought it was an airplane.  Then, because of the flight characteristics, her boyfriend thought it was a helicopter.  As they moved closer to the aircraft, a car passed them coming in the opposite direction.  As they continued heading toward the vicinity of the aircraft, they saw it turn and head straight toward them, apparently picking up speed.  The craft had six, very bright lights in three groups of two.  Terrified of being struck, sure that they were dead, B. pressed down on the gas.  At the last moment, the aircraft seemed to lift up, missing them by what seemed like a few feet.  (B. said that she could have touched the aircraft if she had put her hand out the window.)  B. saw the aircraft’s structure through the side window.  She described it as a thin, metallic wing – like the wing of a large aircraft.  I pressed her for further details, and she said that the entire craft looked like one large wing.  She further described the wing as being the length of two, maybe one-and-a-half tractor trailers end to end.  They were impressed by the fact that the aircraft made no sound, even though her window was open.  Nor was there any draft from the craft.  While she said it was “going fast,” it was difficult to get an estimate of speed.  My sense from her description is that it was going fast as a conventional aircraft.  (When prompted, she denied that it was going as fast as 1000 mph.) 

Both B. and her boyfriend were quite shaken by the experience.  Once they had passed the line of flight, her boyfriend told her to slow down, and she did.  B. said that the craft made a couple more N-S sweeps then took off, heading north.  She did not say how fast it took off at this point. 

B. and her partner arrived at the casino at the expected time, around 2:35 AM.  She denied any experience of missing time.

In hindsight, she had the sense that the aircraft was playing them.  They doubted that any pilot would endanger them this way.  They wondered if it was a military drone or extraterrestrial.

When asked about other UFO sightings, B. reported that she saw something similar last week – although from much further away and she wasn’t sure it was a UFO.  She seems to have had this second sighting from the area of I-5, 1 exit north of Hwy 198 and 10 miles west of the craft.  She wasn’t sure this was the same craft, yet she noted that it also had six lights running across it.  This craft seemed to alternate between diving and hovering. 

Comments Received From Reader Who Previously Lived Near the Location of Sighting: I have just read about the sighting of a brightly lit UFO near Lemoore NAS on May 14th. My family lived in a small, older housing complex called Cimarron Park located at the junction of Hwy 41 and 198 for several years. This complex is surrounded by agricultural land, and what the witness saw, very much resembles a crop dusting helicopter. I've seen many while living in the Central Valley of California. They usually have a 'rig' connected to the helicopter that is composed of a line of many bright, horizontal lights out front on top of a horizontal tube with sprayers spaced horizontally along that. The helicopter cropduster pilots all seemed to have a reputation as being especially crazy. Whether it was from exposure to the chemicals they sprayed or alcohol fumes (drink) I don't know, but I wouldn't put it past them to "sort of" buzz a car on the highway. I can't explain the fact that they heard no sound though. Also have to admit that I saw a basketball sized green fuzzy ball of light "dancing" through the air about 15 feet off the ground following an irrigation ditch out the back window of my house one morning around the same time.

Note on Reader's Comments Above: Perhaps a "reckless" crop duster is what the witnesses saw. However, the fact that no sound was heard makes this an unlikely explanation.