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Sighting Reports 2009

Bright Light With Double Ring & Vortex Center Seen Through Telescope

Date: January 2, 2009
Time: 6 to 7 PM PST
Location: Lynnwood, Washington (Suburb of Seattle)

Description: I saw a bright white round light through a telescope used for sighting planets. It was quite clear to be a double circle of rings with a vortex center divided into wedges. In comparision to the moon, it was not in the Earth's atmosphere. A smaller light was flying aroung it. The whole object appeared to be an outline of a huge spaceship. The rings of light were distinctly linked circled light making up the double ring and during the sighting changed and three lights in the rings became brighter.

Note: The witness speculates that the light was a spaceship. I don't have an explanation.

Comments Received From Reader: From his location, Saturn was very low in the western sky at the time of this report. In addition to the obvious possibilities of Saturn's ring structure, low altitude like this can cause atmospheric distortions that give the impression of flashing lights and movement, and I have personally observed this to a degree that would have caused me to report a UFO had I not known exactly what I was observing. Sirius is also a frequent bad-actor in this way. Of course, the witness does not tell us anything about the direction of the sighting.