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Sighting Reports 2009

Couple See Four Triangular Formations of Lights Hovering Over Ocean

Date of Sighting: January 29, 2009
Time of Sighting: 1:15 AM Local Time
Location of Sighting: Millolii, Hawaii (Big Island of Hawaii)

Description: I live on the Big Island of Hawaii in a small community call Millolii in the South Kona area. Three nights ago the morning of January 29th around 1:15 AM, I woke and spotted 4 separate clusters of lights across the horizon of the sea. At first I thought these lights were ships out in the distance. These were very bright lights in clusters of three forming a triangle. We have a 160% unobstructed view of the coastline from just North of South Point to Kona from our house. The first cluster of lights started in the South Point area and continued half across the distance to straight out in front of the Milolii area. We might see a cruise ship once in awhile out at sea. The thing is that I thought these were ships and there were three together which wouldn't be right unless they were in distress. I can usually see the shape of a cruise ship with all there lights on. I knew this couldn't be a cruise ship. These lights were just round bright circles like a big spot light. The groups were spaced a few miles apart across the horizon. I woke my husband up to show him what I was seeing. He was stunned! Then said they weren't on the water they were too high. They were in the sky! It had started to rain hard when I got up. The lights were so bright! We stayed up for 30 minutes just watching them in amazement. They then just vanished and the rain stopped. They never seemed to move, but just vanished. We also noticed a signal light flashing out at sea at the same time this was all happening. It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out. We asked other neighbors and no one was up to see these lights. I am just wondering by writing this that you might have someone else that has reported the same lights?

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Yes, the triangles were each made up of three lights, not connected. The lights were bright white lights. They seemed to be pretty far out there near the horizon of the sea. I would say each light was 1/15 or so the size of a full moon. There were three of those lights in each group. The 4 groups were all spaced evenly apart across the horizon. I would say each group had 3 miles between them from where we were looking. They were all the same altitude.

Note: Given information provided by the witnesses I don't have an immediate explanation for this sighting. The witnesses seem to be quite familiar with ships and thought that the light formations were unusual.