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Sighting Reports 2009

Couple See Large Gray Object Chased by Military Jets

Date of Sighting: January 20, 2009
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Palm Bay, Florida

Description: My wife and I were coming home from the store. She was driving and I was a passenger. We were traveling west on Emerson Road. I saw a very large strangely lite object approaching from the northwest. I thought it might be a helicopter at first when it was really far away, but as it got closer and turned slightly to cross our path I saw it WAS NOT a helicopter. The thing that made me notice it first was it had the wrong colored lights. (It had 5 – 6 orange- yellow- whitish lights bigger than a plane and arranged in an odd pattern.) It didn't have any blinking lights. The lights were on the front and back, 3 – 2 respectively. It was very big. As it got closer and passed in front of us you could see a very big octagonal shaped grayish metal big thing for lack of better words. It was moving very slow, but than all of a sudden a fighter jet blew by the thing a few hundred feet under it. This thing made NO NOISE at all. We had the windows open and were leaning out of van to see it. You could hear the fighter jets engine scream by us. The jet was coming from the southeast. At that point we made our u turn to chase the thing, but it must have sped up dramatically because up to than it was moving very slow. The fighter jet must have made a u turn also because it went chasing this thing to the southeast and it was moving I mean I didn't even see the jet the second time I just heard the thing scream by our van. My wife saw it because it was on her side of the van. We tried to follow for a mile or so, but they were going too fast and we lost sight of them. One other strange thing and this is probably a coincidence: The whole neighborhood had a blackout (power outage) for 30 – 45 seconds about 15 minutes after the sighting.

Note: The witness provided a very detailed report. Some of the report has been deleted to enhance clarity. The witnesses seem to have been close enough to the object to determine it's characteristics. The pursuit by military jets is interesting. The pursuit could have been a "scramble" because the military would not be conducting exercises over a populated area. The power outage is probably a coincidence and not related to the sighting.