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Sighting Reports 2009

Woman Sees Erratic Moving Light Move Among Clouds

Date of Sighting: August 27, 2009
Time of Sighting: 6 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (Suburb About 20 MI NW of Philadelphia)

Description: I awoke at about 6 AM this morning. Upon looking out the window, I saw that the sky was all light gray as it was before sunrise, and there were no stars at all. However, off to the left side of the sky well over treetop level in the vicinity of the impending sunrise I saw a light in the sky. It was small, but it looked larger than if it was a planet. It did not appear to be twinkling. It was just a steady white light that appeared to be moving slightly in a side to side motion and slightly up and down. There were no air planes or jets going by. I watched it as I tried to figure out how there could only be this one object in an otherwise empty sky. There were small wispy clouds, and I was astonished that a wispy cloud passed BEHIND this light. I could see the whole round bright shape in front of the darker gray cloud. After that, the object moved backwards I suppose because it looked about one half the size it was. Then a large mass of gray cloud passed IN FRONT of it and I could see it through the small breaks in the cloud. I looked away for a minute, but when I looked again the light was gone. The cloud had also passed on. Either this thing left or it turned its light off so it would not be seen. This sighting lasted about ten minutes. The sun then began to rise, and I could start to see pink in the clouds.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: It definitely was not a helicopter,  The light was about 1/4 inch across as I saw it  (It was just hanging in the sky) and when it went higher, behind the upper clouds it was half that size (and still sitting in one spot).  There was no noise. My window was open to the early morning quiet.  It was a solid non blinking light, very bright, but not snow white. It was more of a warmer white. Since it was before dawn and there was no sunlight I can only think that the light was produced by the object.  As you read in my note to you, I saw his thing shining in a full circle shape in front of a wispy strip of gray, predawn clouds that approached and passed behind it.  Helicopters and planes fly by frequently on their ways to hospitals and smaller airports in the area, and also Philadelphia International Airport 30 miles away.  This thing was just another strange sighting.  Since seeing it, and reviewing your website, I wonder if it is the same thing observed in Pennsylvania a week or so ago?

I wondered how high clouds are, and the web says the lowest are 6,000 ft.  The next layer is 10,000 and the highest are 20,000.  When I fly, jets are at 36,000, over the clouds.  I  believe from my observation that this thing was between 6,000 and 10,000 feet.  I have not seen it since, but will keep watch.  Thanks for a great website.

Note: A check of astronomical data showed that the planet Mars was low in the eastern horizon at the time of the sighting. However, given the witness description that clouds passed behind the light eliminates Mars as a causation of the sighting. Also Mars was not that bright. Therefore no explanation can be made for this sighting.