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Sighting Reports 2009

Object With 2 White Lights Moves Eastward in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: October 23, 2009
Time of Sighting: 8:28 PM MST
Location of Sighting: Phoenix, Arizona (Near Sky Harbor Airport)

Description: I was walking my dog at the time that I saw the UFO. I have never seen anything like it and I am ALWAYS looking up at airplanes, birds, helicopters. It was fascinating, BUT, this was not a typical sighting for me. I noticed (2) synchronous moving lights, moving from the west to east (not waving in any direction). The lights steadily went across the sky some distance apart. (I am at a loss to describe "how" much distance.) The lights never wavered in distance from each other almost as if they were hooked together. If they were, then it had to be huge? As I continued to watch it it DID NOT "blink" like any usual flying craft does. I had absolutely no sound. It had NO other lights in the proximity of this. As I was looking up (not quite straight up), but still having to stretch my neck back, I noticed the lights each appeared to be more of a softly lighted cluster (each one). IT definitely was not one big light each. There was no stream of light extending from each of these lights. They almost seemed as if each light was partially "enclosed" somehow. I waited long enough until it was out of sight in the eastern night sky. I never heard that "after" sound that you usually hear from planes, etc. I couldn't get over the lights. They definitely were NOT bright and they really seemed like a cluster, each. They NEVER wavered in their distance from each other. They just seemed to follow each other in a fixed straight line. They were higher than the planes that were coming and going at Sky Harbor, but it did not seem as high as those flights that are probably going non-stop way up there, very far in the sky. I am going to hand draw it ( I do draw), but I don't know how or have the skills to put it together & download it to you online. I could not believe what I saw. Oh and another thing that is strange. It seemed like kind of an opaque "whiteness" or/and "glow" spatially surrounding these two lights, but definitely NOT with any kind of defined or visual border.

Note: The witness obviously feels that her sighting was unusual. A check of satellite charts showed no bright satellites over the area at the time of the sighting. I am hopeful to obtain a sketch from the witness that may provide more definition of what she saw. Any updates will be posted.