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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Has Multiple Sightings of Hovering Orange Lights

Date of Sighting: April 6, 2009 (Sightings Also Occurred on Earlier Dates)
Time of Sighting: 10 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Pittsgrove, New Jersey

Description: Listen to Clip of Witness Interview (MP3)
The witness called about 30 minutes after his most recent. He said that he had experienced similar sightings on earlier nights. The sightings were occurring about every third night. He stated that to the south of his home he would see large orange lights. The lights were generally stationary, but would sometimes slowly move. They would "blink out" when cars approached and then reappear. Eventually they just disappear. The lights emitted no sound and showed no propulsion. The witness has taken several photos which he described showed a "wormlike" light pattern. One photo showed an entity (described as like a fairy).

Note: I don't know for sure what the witness is seeing. The fact that the lights have reappeared on several occasions suggests a more likely conventional explanation. New Jersey has been the home of many hoaxes this past year. Many sightings have been attributed to Chinese lanterns. I don't know if Chinese lanterns explain the sightings by this witness. The witness said that he will be sending photos of the lights (and of the alleged fairy-like entity). This case will be updated if the photos are received.