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Sighting Reports 2009

Two Witnesses See 4 Aerial Spheres Increase to 6

Sketch of Spheres Provided by One of Witnesses.
Sketch of Spheres Provided by One of Witnesses.

Date of Sighting: October 24, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10:10 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon

Description: My neighbor and I were having a bonfire in the evening. We put out the fire about 10:10 PM and started to go into to watch TV. As I looked up in the sky I saw four bright white spheres rapidly making a pattern in the sky in the formation of a four-leaf clover. They were distinct spheres with no beams to indicate search lights. They were high in the sky with a very wide span of distance covered. As my friend and I watched for probably about 10 minutes, the four spheres turned into 6. We eventually went in to watch TV. When I came out to go home about 11:30 there was no sign of the lights.

Note: It is said that a picture is "worth a thousand words." If the above sketch properly depicts what the witnesses saw, the sighting certainly fits into the "unidentified category."