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Sighting Reports 2009

Couple Terrified by Encounter With Red Objects & "Red Lightning"

Photo Taken of Red Lights in Triangular Formation.
Photo Taken of Red Lights in Triangular Formation.
(Streaking of Lights Likely Due to Camera Motion.)
(Photo Has Been Enhanced With Photoshop.)

Riverview is About 10 Miles Southeast of Tampa.
Riverview is About 10 Miles Southeast of Tampa.

Date: January 17, 2009
Time: 9:46 to 10:15 PM EST
Location: Riverview, Florida

Description: Listen to clip of witness interview (MP3)
One of the witnesses called and made a report about 2 hours after the slighting. The witness stated that she and her husband were coming back from shopping when they saw three red lights in a triangular formation. The witness snapped a photo of the lights with her cell phone camera. (See photo above.) The husband thought at first that the lights could be helicopters. The witnesses drove past their home to the east in the area where the lights were sighted. (This area was described as an abandoned parking lot.) They immediately saw a "red cloud with red lightning" form to the left of the lights. Skies were clear and no thunderstorms were in the area. (Per witness observation.) At that time the witnesses saw a light (object) move from the ground to the cloud. This was a white light about the size of an average star in the sky. At that point the cloud disappeared and the pattern of lights began moving closer to the witnesses. They then fled in terror and immediately returned home. They felt threatened and were very frightened. The witness asked me repeatedly in the interview: Are we in any danger? Of course I tried to reassure her that she was safe. No authorities were called.

Note: Boy try to explain this sighting. Is this some figment of nature that we don't understand? Was it a real craft? What about the light that moved upward from the ground to the cloud? This sighting generates more questions than answers. The female witness has a professional occupation and seemed quite credible. Anyone else in the Tampa area who saw this phenomenon is urged to file a report.

Update - January 20, 2009: On the day following the sighting the witnesses drove to the area where they had their sighting. They were about to leave and their "exit" was blocked by a red Lincoln with "opaque" windows. The witnesses felt threatened and didn't know what to do. The Lincoln had Florida license plates. Then some other people came into the area and the Lincoln left allowing them to leave.