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Sighting Reports 2009

20 Aerial Lights Appear, Disappear, & Fly Erratically

Date of Sighting: September 17, 2009
Time of Sighting: Between 12:30 AM and 2:30 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: San Antonio, Texas

Description: I was on my back balcony last night at around 12:30 AM when I saw a very bright light appear in the distance. My first thought was that I was seeing a bird or a bat fly past a street light, but quickly realized that it was moving much too quickly and steadily to be any sort of flying animal. It then flew upwards and turned directly in the opposite direction and disappeared. I was sure I had seen red blinking lights on the bottom of it. I saw nothing for 10 minutes and returned inside. After about 30 minutes I returned outside and saw lights appear almost as soon as I sat down. The more I watched, the stranger the lights became. Some of them were balls of white light that flew straight across the sky, while others flew in strange patterns and rose and dipped on their path. The strangest one I saw was what appeared to be a large craft with lights on the bottom that I could see blinking distinctively. It hovered in the sky for a second, then began to ascend. It rose in the sky for a few moments before it simply vanished while I watched it. I followed a red point of light very high in the sky flying straight and upwards until I lost it over the roof of my apartment. The last object I saw at approximately 2:30 AM was a red "disk" shaped light that flew straight, then slowed down and turned before disappearing. These all appeared in the southeastern sky near a government building that has been under construction for nearly a year. Between 12:30 and 2:30 AM I witnessed over 20 different lights appear and disappear and fly in patterns impossible for any aircraft or animal I've ever seen.

Note: The witness saw quite an aerial display. His sighting was on a weekday in the early morning hours so the number of potential witnesses would be reduced. No other reports have been received from the area.

Description of Sighting as Reported to Investigator Bradford Evans:

Dates of Sightings:  1st Sighting - Sept 17 (his best guess);  approximately one week later
Time of Sighting:  1st Sighting – approximately 12:30 a.m. – 2:30;  2nd Sighting ??
Location of Sighting:  Potranco Road, San Antonio;  Culebra Road, Medina County Texas

Witness Credibility:  The witness came across as sincere, well grounded and above average intelligence.  He said that, having grown up on military bases, he was familiar with aircraft and felt certain that was he saw not conventional.  During the six months prior to the first sighting, the witness had taken an interest in UFOs.  On the second occasion, he drove out of town with a friend specifically to look for UFOs.  He noted that as a child he would watch the sky with the expectation that he might see something, sensing that something was out there.  His fearful emotional reaction to the second sighting seemed genuine and sincere. 

First Sighting:  The witness was sitting on his apartment’s back porch, facing northwest.  The viewing conditions consisted of broken, low clouds, with clear skies above them.  At some point he saw a ball of light that looked like a bright star, moving in a half circle.  This lasted just a few seconds.  Thirty minutes later, he saw a similar bright light in the same direction but higher in the sky, traveling very quickly toward the west.  He saw more points of light over a couple hour period.  They seemed to be moving in arc patterns, returning to the point of origin and then disappearing.  Each light lasted only a few seconds.  The strangest light , which occurred around 1:30 a.m., hovered with two distinct blinking lights on either side, which the witness said did not look like airplane lights because of their frequency and colors (“almost purple”).  This set of lights began to ascend after about five seconds, the entire experience lasting 10-12 seconds.

Second Sighting:  The witness and a friend went out to look for UFOs.  While parked beside a country road, they saw, to their north, a solid light moving steadily across the sky at the approximate velocity of an aircraft.  At one point, the object seemed to jump across the sky, flashing out and reappearing elsewhere.  The light also seemed to be moving up and down and from side to side.  There was a radio tower between the witnesses and the light at one point, and the light would move back and forth onto either side of the radio tower.  When the light seemed to be getting closer and larger, the witness became scared and wanted to leave, although he and his friend continued to stay and watch.  Toward the end of their experience, blinking lights appeared, and it now resembled a conventional aircraft.  The object was moving east toward a thunderstorm.

Interviewer Note:  “Lights in the sky” type reports are often hard to classify, given the lack of perspective when viewing the sky at night and the difficulty of evaluating distances, unseen obstructions such as clouds and velocity of observed lights.  Given the very brief sightings on the first occasion, it would be hard to determine what the witness saw.  Still, the witness seemed genuinely convinced that what he saw was unconventional.