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Sighting Reports 2009

Several See 5 Erratically Moving Amber Lights in Night Sky


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Video Clip Showing Amber Lights.

Still Image Extracted From First Part of Video Showing 3 Lights in a Triangular Formation.
Still Image Extracted From First Part of Video Showing 3 Lights in a Triangular Formation.

Santa Cruz is About 50 Miles South-Southeast of San Francisco.
Santa Cruz is About 50 Miles South-Southeast of San Francisco.

Date of Sighting: July 18, 2009
Time of Sighting: About 9:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Santa Cruz, California (See Map)

Description: (As report to TV Station KION) The primary reason for shooting the stills and video was to lend credibility to the sighting along with others who saw the same thing.  I do not wish to be interviewed about this sighting, but I will document for you a timeline and conditions in which the sighting took place.

We contacted your station because of comments made to the fact, it might have been a weather phenomena or "planet".  I can attest to the sighting as real and not a natural weather event.

My wife and I both watched the UFOs in three separate events, beginning at about 9:30 PM. Saturday night 7-18-09. First there were 5 lights approaching from the Monterey area stopping about a mile away from our house or around Brommer street  and 17Th Avenue. The 3 remained stationary in the sky at an elevation of, I guess about 1000 feet. The lead UFO changed directions and headed northwest towards Davenport. The 5th light was just at our neighbor's roof line and I had to stand up on my toes to see it.  It changed direction and headed towards Capitola and out of sight because of neighboring trees. The second, third and fourth UFO remained stationary for about a minute.  The third UFO light faded away, not to appear again.  The second and third light rose straight up until the lights could not be seen any longer.  In all occurrences there was no rapid change of direction, dancing in the sky, or supersonic speed, with the exception of the two that went straight up.  They were moving at a pretty good clip, but the lights are not of a known aircraft and definitely not an airliner landing light.  Typical lighting of regularly seen aircraft are small flashing beacons of red and white with one bright white light as a landing flood light.  The lights we saw were like the color of an amber street light changing to light blue white and red, but mostly amber, kind of like fire in the sky.

We were perplexed and unable to explain what it was that we had seen, and we both did not hear any sound associated to a typical plane or helicopter.

The second sighting was of one UFO light of the same color and silent as well.  It stopped at about the same location as the first and then headed toward the Northwest (Davenport direction).  There was a small plane that had flown into the area from South to North and turned northwest to follow the UFO at which time the UFO light disappeared.  The small plane banked around heading to the south east.  That is when I saw the final UFO light heading toward the small aircraft.  The small plane had his white beacon light flashing and I could faintly hear the sound of it's engine. The final UFO did the same flight path as the one before it.  It looked like it had paid no attention to the small plane crossing in front of its incoming trajectory.  This UFO also headed towards Davenport, but this one faded in and out of view until it became to distant to see.

In the excitement we wanted to have a neighbor verify the last sighting.  My spouse knocked on our neighbors across the street and they viewed the last 30 seconds of the final sighting.

My daughter who had not personally seen the event, helped me post my pictures and video on her U-Tube.  Since her posting last night at 11:00 PM  she has had several of her friends and one pizza delivery man comment that they had seen this to.

That is my story. Thanks for your interest in investigating the unexplained.

Note: We are trying to acquire three video clips taken of the sighting. The image taken from a regular camera (not shown) did not reveal much detail. The still image extracted from the video (above) shows three of the lights in triangular formation.

Update August 18, 2009: Receipt of the video clips has revealed more detail of this sighting. Three video clips were sent. The clip above is the first video. The early part of the video briefly shows three (orange or amber) lights in a triangular formation. The remaining two clips show 1 to 2 lights. The lights exhibit a appear-disappear pattern throughout the videos. This lessens the possibility that the lights were celestial objects (bright planets or stars) or regular aircraft. Ironically the above still image extracted from the video is almost identitical to a still image extracted from a video taken in Palmdale, California on August 5, 2009. Click here to read this report. (Note subsequent information has revealed that the witness to the Palmdale sighting sent the video taken above at Santa Cruz. Apparently the video was downloaded from YouTube.)