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Sighting Reports 2009

Large Tan Object Moves Rapidly Across Sky & Glistens in City Lights

Sketch of Bottom View of Object by Witness.
Sketch of Bottom View of Object by Witness.

Scottsboro is in Northeast Alabama Just East of Huntsville.
Scottsboro is in Northeast Alabama Just East of Huntsville.

Date of Sighting: April 11, 2009
Time of Sighting: 8:10 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Scottsboro, Alabama

Description: I was sitting outside on my porch with lights out and was watching the sky. I was watching a few planes fly in the distance. I live in small town with a medium lit night sky. An object came from the NNE flying toward SSW direction. It didn't appear to have visible lights of any kind. The reflection from our city lights made the object visible. It seemed to be tan in color with fuzzy lines on the bottom and it flew very fast. I only viewed the object for 8-10 seconds. It made no sound. The size seemed to be really big, but that would depend on how high it was flying. If it were a mile high it would have been 300 feet or so wide and maybe 100 foot long. Like I said the reflection from city lights was the only way I could see it. It darted quickly like a bird changing altitude and direction. It then swung back up to original altitude and direction. I thought I would send this in to see if anyone else had seen something like this in my area.

Note: The witness has provided a good description and made a good sketch of the sighting. Given available details I have no explanation for this sighting.