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Sighting Reports 2009

Bright Orb Chases Man Down Highway

The Sighting Occurred on a Remote Highway Near Sedona, Arizona which is in Central Arizona.
The Sighting Occurred on a Remote Highway Near Sedona, Arizona
Which is in Central Arizona.

Date of Sighting: December 20, 2009
Time of Sighting: From 10:30 PM to 10:54 PM MST
Location of Sighting: On Highway 89A Between Sedona and Cornville, AZ (See Map)

Description: On Highway 89A about 10:38 PM with one car about 400 yards ahead of me and another about 2 miles behind me, I saw a bright white orb coming up from behind ahead of the car following it. I thought it was a motorcycle because of the one large "headlight", however it caught up to me in one second and went to the left lane as if to pass. I started over a hill and looked back and it vanished. I figured it pulled off into a rest stop there. Further down the road I saw it coming again. This time it was following the stripes in the road center at a high rate of speed. Again it caught up to me, but now it had a small "searchlight" on it's side, smaller, but both extremely bright. I would estimate the big "orb" to be about 4 feet around and the smaller maybe a foot in diameter. Again I went around a curve and both lights pulled off to the right and vanished.

Now I was checking the rear view to see if it would follow me when I turned onto the Cornville Road and sure enough it made one last move toward me and in a split second was on my back bumper. However as I approached the traffic light, it disappeared from my view pulling off to the center divide and vanishing from my sight.

It never went down the Cornville Road and I made it home without further incident. However, I did see the light(s) very bright just sitting the last place I saw them pull off. The lights were much brighter than the passing cars.

I have never seen anything like this before, but have witnessed UFO's when I was little about 50 years ago. I just thought that you would like to know this.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: The orb was always off the ground about five to six feet, but stayed right on the highway until it vanished each time.  The last time though it stayed on the highway until I couldn't see it anymore from going away from it.   I have worked in and around Sedona for 40 years and never seen anything like this.  So Iike I said it was unusual for me.

Note: The orb did follow the road so it could have been a ground vehicle. However, the abrupt movements would make this explanation less probable.