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Sighting Reports 2009

Couple See Large Oval Object Hovering Low in Sky

Date of Sighting: May 1, 2009
Time of Sighting: 8:50 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Sherman Oaks, California (About 10 MI NW of Downtown LA)

Description: We live in the Los Angeles area (on the border of Encino and Sherman Oaks). I never thought I would be reporting something like this, but last night we went out to dinner and arrived home just before 9:00. As we were pulling in my girlfriend looked out the window of the car and said, "What is that? "It looks like a blimp and it's really low!" Something about the tone of her voice made me stop the car and get out to look. In those few seconds, the craft had gone from hovering motionless in the sky to a much higher position. There are usually not airplanes at this time, but there were a couple that looked like fighter pilots that seemed like they were trying to investigate. The craft quickly started moving and then came back on the same line IN REVERSE. The fact that planes cannot move in this manner made us decide to follow the craft in our car. We could only keep up for a little while, because once it started to really move, it was gone. I have never seen anything move at that speed. The lights were white and red and had an abnormal intensity to them. We have been looking around the internet for other sightings in the area, but have found nothing. I guess it could have been some new military aircraft, but if I had to bet money, I would put a good amount on this being a UFO. The lights, the speed, the low hovering, and the fact it moved in reverse were characteristics of an unconventional aerial craft. It was actually very exciting.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: The craft made no sound and the skies were hazy. We could see the moon, but no stars. The craft was flying so low that it was illuminated by ground lighting.

Note: The witness has made a strong argument that this object was no conventional aircraft. I spoke with the witness and he seemed quite sincere and credible.