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Sighting Reports 2009

Saucer Like Object Discovered in Photo

Photo of Saucer Like Object. Photo Has Been Cropped and Enlarged by Photographer.
Photo of Saucer Like Object.
(Photo Taken in Morning.)

Photo of Black Triangular Objects.
Photo of Black Triangular Objects.
(Photo Taken in Afternoon)


Date of Sighting: March 17, 2009
Time of Sighting: 9 to 10 AM PDT (Morning Photo); Around 5 PM PDT (Afternoon Photo)
Location of Sighting: Simi Valley, California (About 20 Miles NW of Downtown LA)

Description: I was taking pictures of the sky as I always do especially this day, March 17th, since it was so clear and bright. The weather was perfect. I was enjoying the day, seated in the patio, working with my PC. Then I heard and saw a green helicopter flying low and I tried to photograph it, but couldn't so I kept taking photos of the sky, towards the mountains and freeway 118. Later upon examining all the photos in my PC, I saw the object that looks like a saucer shiny surface and all. (This is a crop of the original, zoomed-in photo.)

Later in the afternoon, I heard another chopper, went out, and there was the same green one. I tried again, but it was too low to focus and I had my camera in zoom, so I could not catch it. Again, I continued to take pictures of the sky at random. I waved goodbye to the green chopper as it went behind the trees and out of sight.

The photos in the afternoon pictures look like triangular objects, but I am not sure they are what I assume they are. I am sure I could not have photographed birds at the distance I was taking this photos. I surely know what an airplane looks like in my photos. Sample included.

Note: The saucer like object photo was taken in the morning. The afternoon photos show dark triangular objects. In both instances the witness attempted to photograph a nearby helicopter. He did not see the objects. Apparently the witness never was able to capture the helicopter in any photos. A photo of a conventional aircraft was sent. (The witness sent this photo to illustrate recognition of the difference between an "unknown" and a conventional aircraft.) I don't believe that the objects in the photos above are due to an "out-of-focus" bird or insect. However, conventional explanations cannot be totally ruled out. The photos were taken with a Canon Powershot G10 digital camera. (This camera has a maximum resolution of 14.7 mega-pixels.)