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Sighting Reports 2009

Very Bright Light Seen Moving Below Clouds

Date of Sighting: November 9, 2009
Time of Sighting: 10 PM CST
Location of Sighting: On Highway 60 Between Springfield & Norwood, Missouri (SW Missouri)

Description: I was driving home to Springfield Missouri on West 6O from West Plains. Last night was a cloudy night with no stars out. As I was driving I noticed a unusual ball of light that obviously could not have been a star because they were covered by the clouds and this light was brighter and it was below the cloud line. The object was hovering over a couple of those giant tower type things that blink red lights. It was in front of the clouds just hovering not moving. Since I have had about 9 sightings in my life I go through a check list in my mind to whittle down the possible explanations. The object had no standard blinking lights on it. The object was brighter then any standard aircraft I have seen in the night sky and the object had to have been massive at least as big as a 747, but lit up like a ball of white light and hovering in one spot. As I continued to drive and observe the ball of light suddenly it angled itself upward and started creepily moving higher in the sky and the light from the craft reflected off the clouds. This sent chills down my spine. It seemed to go behind the clouds and completely disappear, but if it actually did go behind the clouds I would have been able to see that blinding light at least somewhat through the cloud. I SWEAR it just disappeared right before my eyes. Now since the highway I was driving on goes right through Norwood, Missouri a famous spot for UFO sightings/cow mutilations this does not surprise me. I am always happy to see things that cannot be explained. This was in fact a UFO. I hope others saw it as well because that light grabbed my attention right when I turned on the highway and was in view of it. It was so bright.

Note: The witness has presented several facts that make it difficult to explain this sighting. Given the report I have no explanation for what was seen.