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Sighting Reports 2009

2 Large Bright Lights Hover & Then Move N. in AM Sky

Date of Sighting: October 16, 2009
Time of Sighting: 4:50 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Stockton, California (About 60 MI E. of San Francisco)

Description: I was leaving for with work early in the morning. I was driving about five blocks from my house driving without my glasses on. Two very bright white lights caught my eyes. I put on my glasses and watched the lights that were not moving for a few seconds and slowly start moving north. The lights were larger than a plane with no sound and then the lights got smaller and smaller and then they were gone. The lights were apart about sixty feet with one light about twenty feet higher than the other with no shape that I could see. No other cars were not around me at that time which was good so I could study it. I told my friends at work what I had seen. So on Monday the 19th when driving back to work I looked around for anything that would cause that, but to no avail.

Note: Little is known about this sighting. The hovering and apparent slow movement makes it difficult to come with an explanation.