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Sighting Reports 2009

Family Afraid of Several Erratic Flying Aerial Lights

Tecumseh is in Southeast Michigan About 50 Miles West-Southwest of Detroit.
Tecumseh is in Southeast Michigan About 50 Miles West-Southwest of Detroit.

Date of Sighting: September 17, 2009
Time of Sighting: Between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Tecumseh, Michigan

Description: My wife and I were at my sister's house in Tecumseh, Michigan. I was out on her deck when I noticed in the sky what looked like two white squares stacked on each other with a slight separation between them forming a tall box shape. This object (objects) was moving in a southeast direction towards me, then made a hard right L shaped turn. As it turned, the shape turned dark and vanished. I called my wife outside to tell her about what I saw. We looked in the sky for a few minutes and did not see anything so I went inside as my wife stayed outside. A few minutes later she yelled to me to come out. She told me she saw a multi-colored object in the same area. By the time I got outside it was gone. We then continued to look in the sky and after about 5 minutes we both saw a star like object traveling from west to east at a very high rate of speed. It would suddenly make a big straight down drop and then continue on a straight easterly course. It then suddenly dropped straight down again and leveled off as it continued on. We continued to watch the sky when we both yelled in excitement: "Look at that." We both saw a star like object at a high altitude moving around in the sky in a strange circle like scribbling in the sky motion. (Like a child would scribble while drawing.) We called my sister outside to see "This Show." When she came out, we saw that there were three of these star like objects doing flying very erratically in a scribble motion until they suddenly vanished. We thought the show was over when suddenly the sky lit up as another object suddenly appeared. It was the shape of the first white box like object I had seen, but this one was much closer and had three rows of horizontal lights that were rapidly changing colors of red white and blue. It descended then made a sharp right until we lost it behind the trees. We all saw this and know that it was not a helicopter or airplane. We then all went back in the house. These objects made no sound. At this point, to be honest, we were afraid to go back outside. Somebody else must have seen these objects in the clear night sky.

Note: The witnesses saw quite a light show! The box type objects have been reported to UFOS Northwest before. Given the description I have no explanation for this sighting.