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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Sees White Triangular Object With Blinking Blue & Red Lights

Walla Walla is in Southeast Washington Near the Oregon Border.
Walla Walla is in Southeast Washington
Near the Oregon Border.

Date of Sighting: September 20, 2009 (Similar Sighting Happened The Next Day)
Time of Sighting: 2 to 4 AM PDT (On Both Days)
Location of Sighting: Walla Walla, Washington (See Map)

Description: I would have definitely taken a video if I had a camcorder. The object appeared to be in the Eastern sky, low, just above the mountain. This was on Sunday, 9/20 between 2 and 4 AM and again on 9/21 during the same time. It was much more noticeable on the 21st and seemed farther away on the 20th. What I saw was a white, bright, triangular object with blinking blue and red lights on each corner. On one occasion it appeared that the bottom two points of the triangle were rounded, but the top was a point. It also appeared like the two bottom points had streaks of star like streams coming from them. This was much like seeing stars coming off a headlight while driving at night. At one time when it appeared to go up, it got very small, white, and seemed to be cone-shaped with one thruster. This appeared to hover in the sky and then disappear. It watched this for two hours one night and did not see it travel away, but it seemed to just fade away.

Note: The fact that the witness saw a light (object) in the same area of the sky for two hours on two consecutive nights suggests that he saw a celestial object. Of course the triangular shape would suggest otherwise. Mars was fairly bright and visible in the Eastern sky at exactly the times mentioned by the witness. (Skies were mostly clear during the times of his observation.) If his report is accurate, he did not see Mars. However, if his observations were inaccurate, Mars could be an explanation for his sighting.