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Sighting Reports 2009

Red Light Followed by 3 Lights in Triangular Formation

Date of Sighting: October 28, 2009
Time of Sighting: 11 PDT
Location of Sighting: Warner Robins, Georgia (Central Georgia a Few MI S. of Macon)

Description: I saw this EXACTLY as described in the October 16, 2008 sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia:

WARNER ROBINS – On October 16, 2008, at 11 PM, the witness and his girl friend were star gazing and saw a red light followed by a formation of 3 lights in a triangular formation for almost thirty minutes. A loud rumbling sound was heard and the object slowly moved over the witness's house. The object executed a turn and returned three more times flying in a circle. Stars were visible in the middle of the light formation, but the witness thought that the lights belonged to one object. The witness lost sight of the object in the trees after the fourth pass.

Comments: I really don't have an explanation for this sighting. Given the late hour (11 PM) on a weekday additional witnesses to the sighting are more unlikely. The area is home to Robins Air Force Base. Anyone seeing these lights is urged to file a report.

Note: It is interesting that the witness saw the same phenomenon a year later at the same location.