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Sighting Reports 2009

Man Recalls Aerial Object Projecting Conical Beam of Yellow Light

West Brandywine is in Southeastern Pennsylvania About 25 Miles Northwest of Philadelphia.
West Brandywine is in Southeastern Pennsylvania
About 25 Miles Northwest of Philadelphia.

Date of Sighting: September 19, 2009
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: West Brandywine, Pennsylvania (See Map)

Description: I was sitting on my front porch at dusk and was about to go inside when I happened to look to the southeast and see, located (from my line of sight) to the upper right of where Venus was then shining brightly. I saw the most unexplainable sight I had or have ever seen. What I saw was a broad, conical beam of yellow light coming down from the sky that originated from some unknown source, as though from a craft that was using concealment technology. (It seemed like I could see an aperture from which the light propagated.) The beam of light ended rather abruptly some distance below the aperture. It was difficult to judge the height of the light above the ground without knowing what it came from, but it seemed like about the height at which helicopters fly. Helicopters fly over my house to a nearby hospital all the time so at first I thought it must be just another helicopter. However, the light remained absolutely motionless in the sky AND I HEARD ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE FROM AN ENGINE OR ANY OTHER SORT OF NOISE AT ALL! When I realized I was actually seeing something I had no way of explaining, I just stared at it in a state of giddy shock for perhaps ten seconds before the "light" did something weirder than what I had just seen. It was as though it was not a beam of light at all, but instead a glowing yellow gas somehow held rigidly in the shape of a broad cone of light that slowly lost its shape and dissipated and dimmed into nothing. Then I ran inside to tell my mother. I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and do not have any condition that causes hallucinations. This was simply the most random and unexplainable sight I have ever seen.

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