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Sighting Reports 2009

2 Claim to Have Been Taken Aboard Craft By Unknown Entities

Sketch of Entities Prepared by Artist As Described by Witnesses.
Sketch of Entities Prepared by Artist As Described by Witnesses.

Woonsocket is in Northern Rhode Island.
Woonsocket is in Northern Rhode Island.

Date of Sighting: June 6, 2009
Time of Sighting: Began at 3 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Woonsocket, Rhode Island (See Map)

Description: Listen to Interview With Both of Witnesses (MP3 - 20 Minutes Length)
The witnesses called and reported their encounter. They called at first and thought that they had reached the wrong number. About one minute later they called again to report their encounter. Apparently they have been subjected to considerable ridicule and were concerned that their story would not be believed. I assured them that I would listen to their story with an open mind. To briefly summarize they were working on a computer and one of witnesses was demonstrating software that they had planned to use for their business. They were visiting Rhode Island on a business trip and went outside to take a break. At that point they saw a bright light in the sky. They next remember being in an enclosed room with two unknown entities (see drawing). One of entities had green skin. The other entity was more human looking, but had eyes that seemingly would not focus. They felt like they were only aboard the craft for about 15 minutes. However, they woke up laying in the yard side by side at noon (nine hours later). The finer details of their encounter can be heard on the above audio.

Second Report From Witnesses (In Response to Investigator Questions): Like we told you on the phone, our friends were still sleeping by the time we awoke on the grass. We told them what happened, and they just thought us to be lying and laughed, assuming we were going too far into trying to think of a plot for a new sci-fi/horror film.

Also, on your site, you updated the story to make it seem more as if what we were saying came across as a hoax. Between Joe and myself, this is what we were afraid of, and didn't want. To clarify your questions, let us answer them for you. We were reluctant to to tell the story as we stated (and, as I've already said, you know why), and we wanted to hold our contact information to ourselves because we don't really know you and we felt that if we did give you our actual contact information, people who know us as film makers may start to make a joke out of us in the industry, and that may tarnish our image a bit.

Now, what we have for you to look at is a replicated image of the green "subhuman" alien. Taking an old mask, we had a makeup artist look at our sketch that we sent you, and he was able to recreate the alien's image. (See image above.) The claws you see in the picture aren't exactly like the actual claws we had seen, but since this was done on short notice this was the best we could find. The claws that we saw were much shorter in length, and had no fingernails. 

Note: This is a fantastic story. I leave it up the reader (and listener) whether or not you believe their story. There are several signs that this could be a hoax. The witnesses really were anxious to have this case posted. They specifically consented that their names be listed on the audio. (This is unusual as most witnesses wish to remain anonymous. Of course we really don't even know if the names are their true names.) Also the witnesses refused to provide contact information (email and phone number.) This could indicate fabrication. We plan more contact with these witnesses. Any updates will be posted.

Special Note: Both of witnesses consented to inclusion of their names on the audio interview. Normally we don't use names unless witness gives permission.