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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees Pulsating Ruby Red Light in Night Sky. Video Taken

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Video Clip of Red Object
(Video Has Been Brightened)

Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.

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Video of Red Object Slowed & Zoomed

Image Extracted From Slowed Frame Video.
Image Extracted From Slowed Frame Video.

Antioch is About 40 Miles East-Northeast of San Francisco.
Antioch is About 40 Miles East-Northeast of San Francisco.

Date of Sighting: December 7, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Antioch, California (See Map)

Description: Hello William. Within the past 2 weeks,twice I have seen and captured on video a small pulsating ruby red light in the night sky over Antioch, California in the near vicinity of where I reside. The first time was Thanksgiving evening around 9:30 PM and the second time was this past Tuesday evening approximately 11:00 PM. I was using a Konica-Minolta Dimage Z10 digital camera. I needed to slow down the actual time down by 10 times in order to be able to intelligently see what this red light actually is. I was surprised to see the very least. I expected to see maybe some sort of craft or vehicle of some kind, something at the very least right? Well actually no, that is very wrong is what I came to find out! When reviewing the footage I would describe this red pulsating light in the night sky as a small bodied object that seems quite elastic and gives the appearance that it is crawling around in the sky on some invisible web. Thus I have give it the name, "Cosmic Spider". I have combined the two together in a slowed down version and the length of the clip runs almost 15 minutes, but it has great detail and it's easy to view. I also have the originals on my PC. Do you want both and what format would you like them to be in? I have a video converter so let me know?

Report From Witness Referencing Slowed Video Footage: Hello William. There is no splicing or adding digitally to this clip. I may have done some color and brightening, but what is even more peculiar about this footage is that while I was shooting it, which was the red pulsating light when I saw it, and I did not actually see the other object when shooting the image live. I was very surprised to say the very least as I know you would also be very surprised and definitely would need further explanation. That is all I know. Anyone trying to pull off a hoax with that clip, lord help them. But in all seriousness, I do not know how that canoe like looking object got onto the clip with that red pulsating light which was the object of interest. But just as it was appropriate to request clarification of the obvious. I am pondering on the possibility at least briefly that this image is some unexplainable phenomena. I am certainly willing to undergo any further scrutiny willingly and happily to try and understand what this is. I have no idea of what the red pulsating object is no more than I know how that other moving object was captured on that same footage. Let me know what you think because the issue still remains, what the heck is the red pulsating object?

Note: The top video is a small clip of the original which I brightened to reveal more detail. The witness sent both the original and edited footage. The edited (slowed) footage shows two red objects one of which has a "very odd" shape. This same witness has taken other interesting footage of strange airborne lights and objects.

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