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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Takes Video of Cigar Shaped Object in Daytime Skies

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Video of Cigar Shaped Object in Clouds

Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.

Antioch is About 40 Miles East-Northeast of San Francisco.
Antioch is About 40 Miles East-Northeast of San Francisco.

Date of Sighting: July 20, 2010
Time of Sighting: 1 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Antioch, California (See Map)

Description: Hello William: I got this footage while walking my dogs on the 20th of July around 1:00 PM in Antioch, California. Let me know what you think. I get the impression that it didn't really appreciate me eavesdropping in on it! This my first cigar shaped UFO. I can't even imagine what or who well I'll leave that up to all who view it. I hope you can open it.

Witness Response to Investigator Questions:

Hello William,
     I received your message about you had already seen this footage sometime in the past, but could not get much or any information regarding this footage when it originally was sent you.  I coincidentally shot similar footage at a lone cloud in the sky on the 20th of July and so when I saw that the footage you mentioned that you received from someone else, well I went to work researching the whole debacle. 
    I believed you when you wrote back regarding the whole footage and when I shot it.  I also believed that I was going to be able to go back through my picture import folder and easily find the footage there.  Well, I wasn't able to find it in my import folder by the way. 
     I did have some interesting things show up when I reviewed my import folder for my pictures and videos.  I did shoot similar footage to this cigar shaped UFO.  I shot footage of a lone cloud in the sky very similarly to the footage with the cigar shaped UFO.  It had been a  little over a week before I imported to my computer so the details were not crystal clear.  But I do have video shot of a lone cloud from July 20th much like the cloud that the cigar shaped UFO was in.  So since it wound up in my import folder I just assumed it was the cloud that I shot.
    After reviewing everything, I found that it wasn't the cloud that I shot.  However, the footage that I shot shows digital distortion when my camera takes very good pictures of clouds in the sky.
     I also found that in my import folder of pictures and videos I had footage of an earlier shoot that wound this folder on the day I shot the lone cloud in the sky.  Some other strange facts is that many of the photos and videos I shot in July have been modified on a date that is prior to it being created, isn't that impossible?  I also discovered that some of the footage was imported prior to the day that I actually imported the footage.
    I was researching video reports of UFO sightings this past weekend on your web-site, but I only kept one for my edification and deleted the others.  The cigar shaped UFO was not reviewed by me this past weekend though so I am perplexed as to how it wound up in my picture import folder.
    Interestingly enough, the day and time in which I shot my footage, an earlier shooting of something unidentifiable I captured back a couple of months ago winds up in the July import folder inexplicably and is logged in a day or two earlier than I actually imported it.  Something very strange happened and I'm not sure what.
    Something interesting worth noting is this past weekend as I was attempting to download some photos and videos using Window Photosmart 3.5, the date while it was importing said December 30th, 1899.  I also have several photos and videos that have the same identification number but are of two separate dates and events as well.  I thought that was impossible as well!!!
    So go figure, something very odd occurs and I end up sending you a video shot of something that you have already seen some time in the past.   What in the heck are the chances of that anyway?  I almost think that we have a better chance of seeing an actual UFO firsthand.
Best regards.

Note: I received this same video a few years from an unknown source. I suspect that at that time the video was taken from a website (Youtube?) or other location. (See witness response above to this issue.) A check of weather for nearby San Francisco Airport showed that a few clouds were present at heights of 900 feet at the time of the alleged video. Anyone with information on the source, time, location, and other details regarding this video is urged to respond using the comment link below:

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