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Sighting Reports 2010

Game Camera Captures Strange Orb Moving by Deer.

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Video of Strange Orb.
(Video Has Been Brightened.)

Still Image Showing Orb When it First Enters Video Footage.
Still Image Showing Orb When it First Enters Video Footage.

Atlanta is a Small Town in Remote Northern Michigan.
Atlanta is a Small Town in Remote Northern Michigan.

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The Above Video Shows the Appearance of a Laser Beam & Flashlight
on an Infrared Camera. The Footage Clearly Shows that the Laser Beam &
Flashlight Have to Illuminate a Surface in Order to be Visible. The Orb
in the Footage of the "Feeding Deer: Above Was Visible in "Mid Air." This Indicates That it Was Quite Likely an Energy Source and Not a Projected Beam.

Date of Sighting: October 23, 2010
Time of Sighting: 5:14 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Atlanta, Michigan (See Map)

Description: My name is JL and I iam 56 yrs old. I am not crazy. I have these things floating around my backyard. We have 11 acres in Atlanta, Michigan. I moved up here from Alabama two years ago. My sister lives here. I have a heck of a story to tell. I am tired of writing this story to these other web sites and get nowhere. I have seen them in the sky. I had one drop from the sky right in front of me about 50 feet away. Since 2009 to the present The pictures and videos are taken on deer cams. The camera have heat and motion sensors. I have them out there to keep an eye on the deer. I am sending you a picture taken 11/14/2010. The cam says 2005, but that is when the time and date quit working. I have never seen that many at one time. They are all small. I have been catching only the big one about the size of a beach ball. If interested contact me by phone or email. I have more photos and videos to send.

Additional Report From Witness: I was surprised to hear from anyone. I gave up. Other UFO groups did not respond. What a joke. I think they are scared to come out check these things out because they are real. They are invisible transparent and super bright light. It was Oct., 2009 one night while fishing out on my boat it WAS DARK. At About 10 PM all of a sudden it was daylight for a split second. I heard this BOOM BOOM boom boom boom. I looked at my friend and said what in the heck was that. The next day the radio said possible meteor. I was staying at my sister's waiting for my home to be set up next door. There is no smoking in my sister's house. We would go out on the front porch at night and look at the stars. We started to see this light. It was so bright you could not make out the shape. We live deep in the woods. It is very quiet. The light was just a little above the tree tops. There was no SOUND, no beacon. It went on straight across the sky with no zigzag and it moved real slow. Then it would vanish. Myself, my sister, brother in law and sister's friend have all seen it. It is always one light. One morning it was to cold to go out side and smoke about 4 AM so I went to the back door and propped the storm door with my foot and blew the smoke outside. I was watching the deer feeding about 30 feet away. Then this ball of light, I mean blinding bright dropped down right in front of me kind of quick and controlled. It was close enough to hit it with a sling shot. It got down behind the tree tops and did not light up anything around it. Then it vanished. The deer kept on feeding. It was kind of spooky. I heard no SOUND. Then our cameras out at our food plot started catching these things on our deer cams. I had never seen anything like this until that night fishing.

Note: The witness sent other photos and videos besides what is displayed above. One of the photos appears to have snow flakes, but the others (including the above) are quite compelling. The deer quite obviously is reacting to the presence of the light. I don't think that the light is a flashlight because if a person was close by the deer likely would have fled from the area. This did not happen. The second witness report indicates that the witness has experienced these lights (or orbs) and not just seen them on his camera. If his accounts are true, this is strong evidence that these lights are real and not any camera anomaly.

Special Analysis (See Last Video Above): This analysis clearly indicates that the light (orb) in the video was not a laser beam or flashlight and was indeed a source of energy projecting it's own light.

Comment Received July 23, 2011: The light looks like a laser. I have one that will do the same thing (Green 250 mw lase ).

Comment Received July 23, 2011: Hi Will. I have worked on several of these game videos. They always seem to turn out to be something explainable. In this case the deer is already moving forward before the orb gets to him. Sometimes they are insects. In one case it was the reflection of the LED lights from inside the game camera on the protective covering around the camera. You just never know. I work with an analyst in France on these things.

Comment Received July 23, 2011: Sphere of light is not from a flashlight for if it was that type of light, it would not stop in mid-air. A flashlight beam would continue down until it hit the ground, etc. Also, if one looks closely, there seems to be a beam sending out the sphere.

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