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Sighting Reports 2010

5 See Large Orange Oval Object in Night Sky

Belmont is a Suburb About 5 Miles Northwest of Boston.
Belmont is a Suburb About 5 Miles Northwest of Boston.

Date of Sighting: August 20, 2010
Time of Sighting: 1 to 1:04 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Belmont, Massachusetts (See Map)

Description: There were 4 people who all witnessed this sighting. I called the number to report and was told to submit a written statement of the sighting. The time was roughly 1:00 AM. Myself and 4 other people were on a park bench in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. The sky had a few very thin clouds roughly in the middle of the sky (determined after event that the angle was roughly 30 degrees), but the sky was clear mostly. At this time we all had noticed a bright, light orange, elongated ovular shape in the sky. It was assumed that it must have been a blimp advertising something. Several key factors of the objects appearance made that theory false. The first being that the object had no blinking lights along its perimeter. All blimps have these lights as a warning to planes or helicopters to avoid collision. Second, the object we were observing was too long and thin to be a blimp. Blimps are mostly more rounded. Last, the object was not moving. There was no possible way that the object was the moon because of the shape nor could it have been a spotlight from an event taking place for the same reasons. The object remained completely stationary in the sky for roughly three minutes. (The call made to the hotline confirms this.) It did not wobble back and forth and it did not shake or move in any direction. It was hard to determine the size, but using our fingers, we determined that it was roughly the size of the pinky finger. The object vanished, as if it was a light someone had switched on and then off. It did not fly across the sky or ascend higher into the atmosphere. Thank you for your time. I hope this helps.

Note: I agree that the object was not a blimp. Why would advertising blimps be flying around at 1 AM? It also was not the moon or a Chinese Lantern. I have no explanation.

Update September 6, 2010: After performing some analysis it seems likely that the witnesses saw the moon in a setting position. The apparent oval shape would be due to distortion of the atmosphere when the moon was at a low angle. The moon set at 1:50 PM and was 72% illuminated. The moon was full on August 24.

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